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    13 Internet Marketing Trends for Small Businesses in 2022

    What internet marketing trend are you expecting to impact small businesses in 2022? To help you gain insight into which marketing trends will affect small businesses this year, we asked business consultants and marketing professionals this question for their best insights. From an increase in social media usage to the use of live videos, there are several marketing trends that may help your small business prepare for the new year. Here are 13 marketing trends for small businesses in 2022: Increase in Social Media Usage It’s hard to overstate just how influential social media influencers are already, and it is  

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  • Computer

    How to run Windows on your Mac computer

    To run Windows, you’ll need a Mac with an Intel processor, like the 2019 MacBook Pro and 2019 MacBook Air. Sarah Tew/CNET Even Mac users completely satisfied with their computers may have times when they need to run Windows. Maybe they need to run software that’s only available on Windows. But whatever the reason, Apple makes it surprisingly easy to run Windows on your Mac. If you have an Intel-based Mac with enough storage, and the correct Windows 10 ISO file — which you can download for free from the official Windows website — you can set up and run  

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  • Website Design

    Philip Pignato on Web Design Trends for 2022

    A digital renaissance has taken place in recent years in website design. Website traffic is at a historic high as physical stores and in-person work transition to online. Web designers are working hard to meet the influx of new customers online and transform user experience with innovative features found on the world’s most visited websites. Philip Pignato is a UX consultant and web designer and below he relates several notable web design trends that will stay relevant throughout 2022. Motion Graphics and Animation Are Standard Design Features Philip Pignato explains that web designers are getting more playful. Designers are using  

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  • Technology News

    Tech Start-Ups Reach a New Peak of Froth

    Astonishing data for 2021 tell the story. U.S. start-ups raised $330 billion, nearly double 2020’s record haul of $167 billion, according to PitchBook, which tracks private financing. More tech start-ups crossed the $1 billion valuation threshold than in the previous five years combined. The median amount of money raised for very young start-ups taking on their first major round of funding grew 30 percent, according to Crunchbase. And the value of start-up exits — a sale or public offering — spiked to $774 billion, nearly tripling the prior year’s returns, according to PitchBook. The big-money headlines have  

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  • Gadjet And Laptop

    6 Best USB Hubs and Docks (2022): USB-C, USB-A, Portable

    Your laptop never has enough ports–especially if it’s the Macbook Air this guide was written on. That forces you to carry an array of dongles so you can plug everything in. Fortunately, there’s a better way. USB hubs can expand the number and kind of ports available, and USB docks let you turn a laptop into a full-blown workstation with one plug. After testing several different USB hubs and docks, these are the best we’ve found for different needs.  Looking for other home office gizmos and gadgets? We’ve got a number of guides that can help, like our Best Work  

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    Internet Marketing versus SEO | HTMLGoodies.com

    Although they are frequently mentioned together, Internet marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) are not the same things. To help you make the most of this pair of business-boosting methods, we will explain how they differ so you can create a balanced approach that crushes your competitors. What is Internet Marketing? You will find various definitions that describe Internet marketing, but here it is in a nutshell: a collection of methods used to market services and products online. In other words, if you are trying to sell something or make it more visible via the Internet, then you are doing  

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