The Complete Guide to GMB Attributes for Local SEO

    Google My Business (GMB) attributes are a uniform way for businesses to share what they offer and what a customer can expect when using that business. They are also a way for a business to optimize its local search presence. The more detailed a listing is with attributes, the more likely that listing could rank for a specific targeted search with an attribute modifier — for example, [accessible restaurants near me] or [miami hotels with free wifi]. In this blog post, you’ll discover the different types of GMB attributes available to businesses depending on your primary business category, and how  

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  • Website Design

    Phoenix AZ Lead Generation | Website Design (480)251-0765

    Lead Generation & Web Design In Phoenix Arizona When looking for a service to provide Lead Generation & Web Design in Phoenix AZ, you want to make sure you are getting the best option for your business needs. There are many options to consider, including Web Development, Marketing, Paid Advertising, Direct Mail, or any combination of these strategies. Many businesses will turn to a company with experience in a specific area of online marketing or a particular format they need. Lead Generation One way to ensure that you get the best service is by having a consultation with the provider  

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  • Gadjet And Laptop

    10 New Gadgets to Have On Your Radar This Week

    Thanks to Memorial Day, this was a short week — but we weren’t short of new gadgets. Samsung and Alienware both introduced new laptops. Sennheiser gave us new noise-canceling headphones. Wyze, the company known for its cheap-but-great smart home cameras, announced its first vacuum. And Google announced its first pair of wireless earbuds that cost less than $100. But there was also so much more. Eufy SoloCam 2021 Series Courtesy Anker’s smart home division, Eufy, announced its new series of Eufy SoloCam smart home security cameras. There are five cameras in total, all of which are battery powered (so you  

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  • Internet Marketing

    Global Online Lottery Market to Reach $14.5 Billion by

    New York, June 23, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Reportlinker.com announces the release of the report “Global Online Lottery Industry” – https://www.reportlinker.com/p05957571/?utm_source=GNW Growth in the global market has skyrocketed in recent years owing to multiple favorable factors like technological advances, rising digitalization and increasing disposable incomes. Online lottery is poised to enjoy high demand due to increasing transition towards the online platform and the gamification trend. Market growth is also propelled by increasing per capita income, growing number of dual-income households and rising interest and uptake among people. Providers of online lottery games are investing in digitalization and advanced technology to  

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  • Computer

    The Internet Eats Up Less Energy Than You Might Think

    The giant tech companies with their power-hungry, football-field-size data centers are not the environmental villains they are sometimes portrayed to be on social media and elsewhere. Shutting off your Zoom camera or throttling your Netflix service to lower-definition viewing does not yield a big saving in energy use, contrary to what some people have claimed. Even the predicted environmental impact of Bitcoin, which does require lots of computing firepower, has been considerably exaggerated by some researchers. Those are the conclusions of a new analysis by Jonathan Koomey and Eric Masanet, two leading scientists in the field of technology, energy use  

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  • Website Design

    Welcome To The Web Design Arms Race

    Dawson Whitfield is the CEO and Founder of Looka, a logo design and brand identity platform powered by artificial intelligence. getty 2020 saw years of digital transformation take place in a matter of months, as companies opened and expanded websites to make up for closing and shrinking physical stores. While the website rush helped companies survive in a suddenly socially distanced world, many of these sites won’t make it long-term. If companies want to thrive online in 2021 and beyond, website design needs to step up.  More Time Online To get an idea of the opportunity available to well-designed  

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