November 29, 2023


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4 Degrees That Guarantee High-Paying Jobs – Internet Marketing 101

‘Oh, it’s the 21st Century. The age of the internet. You don’t need a degree anymore!’ Everyone has met or spoken to one person who has said this. They go forward to make their point by saying how John, who didn’t have a degree, is now a manager at a hotel. Well, Good luck to John! When the hotel goes bust, let’s hope John will have some qualifications to fall back on.

To learn is not a race to make it to the top first. It’s a ladder to climb up one at a time with a firm hold on the ground. A degree might not bring the golden spoon gateway to your dream career but it makes the chances of success more likely. Statistics have shown that university graduates are more likely to be employed. Also, the salaries are higher for degree holders than those who do not have one.

Let’s take a look at the 4 degrees that could be a stepping soon to a good paycheck for you.

1. Health Care Industry
Be it the current times or earlier, the healthcare industry is always looking out for new workers to join their team. Along with good benefits, the pay too is always better in this field as compared to other industries. Neurosurgeons come under the highest paid specialist in the medical field. Nursing too is an option available to almost anyone.

2. Finance or Accounting
A degree in finance or accounting has a pay package that starts with $65000 to $89000 per year. It is known, without a doubt, that this field is one of the college majors that pay well. In many business organizations, to promote career advancement, sponsoring is offered to workers to improvise on their finance course. This helps enhance your skills and opens a source of career development.

3. Scientist
Where would we all be without scientists? Science is one field that is growing by leaps and bounds. Businesses are paying a good amount of salaries to get ahead in development and improvisation. Innovation is the mantra of the 21st century. Apart from the evident financial benefits, scientists get to travel for research and information exchange, This provides a chance to meet more people from different parts of the world. Now that does look like a good option, doesn’t it?

4. Engineering
This field has boasted of being an extremely lucrative career choice with the most comfortable salary. Engineer degree holders can easily find a job in many parts of the world as engineering education is universal. Though a considerable amount of hard work is involved in this field, the financial security it brings is definitely a reason to get an engineering qualification.

We can see that getting a college degree doesn’t only have good financial benefits but many other indirect benefits too. If you are confused, take a career test to find out what options suit you most. Research your favorite topics to know what interests you the most. So if you have been thinking about getting one for yourself, why not just go for it?