November 30, 2022


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5 Gadgets to Have on Your Radar This Week

This week there was a bunch of gadget news. Google finally gave us the date of the next big Pixel event —Tuesday, October 19 — where it’s going to announced the much-hyped Pixel 6. The Apple Watch Series 7 is finally available to preorder now, with general availability hitting next Friday (October 15). And, not exactly gadget related, Jony Ive wrote on beautiful article for Wall Street Journal about Steve Jobs on the 10th anniversary of his death.

As far as brand new gadgets that were actually announced this past week, we’ve rounded the coolest ones below.

Soundcore Liberty 3 Pro

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Soundcore’s latest flagship wireless earbuds, the Liberty 3 Pro, aim to deliver high-end sound and premium features at a reasonable price. They are the successor to the Liberty 2 Pro (released in 2019) and have a similar earwing design, but they are 30-percent smaller. They have active-noise cancellation and support high-resolution audio (including Sony’s LDAC, which enables them to stream higher-quality audio than most other wireless earbuds), which their predecessors lacked. And the charging case supports wireless charging.

The Liberty 3 Pro are available right now and come in four colors: black, white, purple or gray.

Price: $170


Beyerdynamic DT 700 Pro X and 900 Pro X

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Beyerdynamic announced the latest studio quality headphones in its hugely popular Pro X line. There’s the DT 700 Pro X (closed back, pictured) and the DT 900 Pro X (open-backed), both of which feature the company’s famed cushy velour earpads, along with a brand-new driver that promise to deliver a neutral, realistic sound. The headphones also have a low impedance (48 ohms), meaning they’re easy to drive and plug-and-play ready — no separate headphone amp required.

Both headphones cost $299 and are available now.

Price: $299


Sony SRS-NS7 Wireless Neckband Speaker

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The category of “wearable speaker” is a little bit of a weird one. They are speakers designed for people who work in a solitary environment and don’t risk disturbing other people in the room, or people who don’t like wearing headphones for long periods of time. Sony’s newest wearable speaker, the SRS-NS7, is unique because it’s the first to support Dolby Atmos as well as Sony’s 360 Reality Audio, so it’s able to deliver a more immersive listening experience. And if you pair to one of Sony’s latest Bravia TVs, the SRS-NS7 turns into a wearable surround sound system for your home theater.

Price: $300


Acer Aspire Vero

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Acer announced a handful of Windows 11-ready laptops this week, with the Aspire Vero arguably being the most interesting because it’s an “eco-friendly” laptop. It’s made from recycled plastic and other sustainable materials, but it’s also a powerful machine running the Intel’s latest 11th-generation processors. The 15-inch laptop will start as low as $700 and should be available for purchase in early November.

Price: $700+


YubiKey Bio Series

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Yubico is one of the best-known makers of physical security keys that plug into your device via USB — you can think of them as a type of two-step verification, but instead of a getting a text message or email with a code you have to plug in the physical security key into your device. The company’s newest series of physical security keys, the YibuKey Bio, take that a step further by integrated another layer of security: an integrated fingerprint reader.

Price: $80 (USB-A model); $85 (USB-C model)


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