December 11, 2023


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6 Ways to Improve Your Website Design Advertisement Approach

To keep your website design business growing, make sure your website is advertised to the right online audience.

This article will give you six ideas for website design advertisement using several different techniques. We’ll get you up to speed on:

  1. Email marketing
  2. SEO techniques
  3. Google Ads, pay-per-click, and retargeting
  4. Social networking
  5. Banner ads
  6. Referrals

1. Email marketing

Nearly 300 million emails are sent each day around the world, a figure expected to keep growing. The vast majority of internet users check email daily. When done well, email marketing can generate $42 for every $1 spent.

Running an email marketing campaign for your website design business should include three essential elements: growing your email list, creating tailored and targeted email messages, and optimizing your emails for the highest clickthrough rates. Essentially, you need to create engaging email content that your audience will want to open.

Here are a few ideas for email marketing campaigns to help advertise your website design business:

  • A free newsletter featuring tips your clients can use when creating a vision for their website
  • Limited-time and introductory offers exclusive to email readers
  • Client spotlight — introduce a client and share screenshots of the site you designed for them

Encourage clients to sign up for your email marketing list on your website and social networks.

2. SEO techniques

If you’re interested in a practical, free technique to drive in more leads, turn to search engine optimization (SEO). When search engines can’t find your website, it doesn’t matter how good you are at what you do.

The good news is that you don’t need to become an SEO master to take advantage of SEO. The trick is to make your site is attractive to the robots that crawl the internet and index your website.

How does SEO work in practice?

In the most basic terms, when you apply SEO techniques to your website content, your site may rise to the top of the search results page when someone searches on words related to your site. Your website design clients will benefit when you invest some time learning basic SEO and apply it to their websites, as well.

This is one approach you can follow to optimize your website:

  1. Conduct keyword research to determine what people tend to search to find sites like yours.
  2. Create compelling, authentic content for your website in the form of page content, blog posts, and other content-rich features. Weave in the top-performing keywords and keyword phrases from your research in a natural way.
  3. Optimize web page titles, URLs, and website descriptions.

3. Google Ads, PPC, and retargeting ads

It’s important for digital marketing to get a good handle on how paid advertising options work before you invest. Like SEO, you don’t need to become a digital marketing guru to use these techniques. A basic understanding will go a long way toward getting your page in front of potential design clients.

Let’s dive into three popular paid advertising categories: Google Ads, pay-per-click ads, and retargeting.

Google Ads

Google serves paid (sponsored) advertisements that appear on Google search results pages. These listings show up before “natural” links, which are ranked according to factors like SEO and popularity.

Unlike traditional advertising, when you purchase a Google ad, it won’t necessarily appear at a given time or a predictable rate. Google Ads uses an auction system activated when people search on keywords related to your website. You’ll need to have a high Quality Score to beat out other advertisers who are using the same keywords. You can learn more about the auction process.

Pay-per-click (PPC)

As you might expect, PPC advertising rates are linked to how often your ad is clicked. In addition to Google Ads PPC, you can purchase PPC ads through companies like Amazon and Microsoft.


When you “retarget” ads, you can leverage data about your clients based on their previous actions. One of the most effective ways to use retargeting for your website design business is by retargeting ads to audiences who have visited your website before. To take advantage of retargeting, you’ll need to invest in a way to collect data about your website visitors.

4. Social networking

There are nearly 3 billion Facebook users, 330 million Twitter users, and 260 million active monthly LinkedIn users. Reaching just a small fraction of these social networkers can make a world of difference for your web design brand.

If you do only one thing to improve your social network effectiveness, it should be engaging regularly with your followers. Show them you’re a real person and that you’re committed to the client experience. Here are a few other best practices that can enhance your social presence:

  • Create consistent descriptions across each of your social network profiles.
  • Integrate keywords into your profiles and social media posts.
  • Join groups on Facebook and LinkedIn and tag your tweets to attract views.
  • Try to provide value when you create social content — teach your followers something or offer something valuable like an e-book or an invitation to sign up for your newsletter.

website design advertisement - takes advantage of social media

LinkedIn is a great social network option for website design businesses.

5. Banner ads

Unlike Google Ads, banner ads use imagery to drive traffic to your website from another website. You can think of banner ads like digital billboards — your goal should be to create eye-catching ads that grab attention.

The most straightforward way to get started with banner ads is to use Google Ads. The pay structure is identical to text-based Google Ads, and the same auction rules apply. The Google Display Network can help you connect with audiences all over the web.

You can create banner ads in a digital art program, through a design platform like Canva, or a service like Google’s Display Ad Builder, or you can hire a graphic designer.

6. Referrals

Last but not least, are referrals. It should come as no surprise that people are more likely to make purchases from companies and individuals with a good reputation. Here are a few ways you can generate referrals:

  • Just ask! When you have a positive interaction with a client, ask them to write a short testimonial on your behalf.
  • Encourage your social media followers to leave a review, write a post and tag you, or to invite their followers to like or follow you.
  • Offer an incentive like a discount on future work in exchange for an honest review of your website design business.

Once you have a few testimonials and glowing referrals in hand, don’t forget to use them. You can even include a whole page of referrals on your website, social networks, or email marketing campaigns, and even as part of your paid ad campaigns.

Level up your website design advertisements

When it comes to digital marketing, there are many effective ways to showcase your website design company. It can be challenging to decide where to start, but you’re sure to see results from any digital marketing efforts you take. If you feel more comfortable with one technique over another, it’s fine to start there.

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