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ALM’s ThinkAdvisor Introduces New Reader Experience With Design And Advertising Innovations

NEW YORK, Feb. 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — ALM’s ThinkAdvisor, the leading online media brand serving the financial advisory community, has introduced a new website design, an enhanced editorial strategy and advertising innovations that will improve reader experience and drive audience and partner engagement.

ThinkAdvisor’s ( innovations include:

  • A fresh and clean design, new color palette and vibrant graphics that deliver maximum impact and viewability along with a new content framework that provides better navigation of information.
  • A refreshed editorial beat structure that provides analysis about the most important issues of the day, with distilled takeaways at the top of each story.
  • A new advertising approach in which ads are better integrated around content, improving the reader experience and allowing better viewability of partner messages.

“Together, these design, editorial and advertising innovations greatly improve reader experience and provide better results for our partners,” said Adam Dunn, VP Financial Markets for ALM. Dunn said that many of the editorial innovations had started to be implemented over the past quarter and have already resulted in significant growth in reader engagement and site traffic.

“This is where advanced web design and advertising product development is going and we’re very excited to lead the financial advisory industry with these initiatives,” Dunn said.

To inquire about ThinkAdvisor’s new design, editorial, and advertising innovations email [email protected].

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About ThinkAdvisor

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