Brandi Riddle Discusses Technology’s Role in the Future of Kidney Care

Brandi Riddle, chief financial officer at Strive Health, discussed the role technology and predictive analytics will play in changing kidney care in the future.


How does technology play a role in new payment models to change kidney care going forward?

Riddle: Technology is really, really exciting. I think first you have to think about what it could mean to a clinician to be able to predict something about their patient. What if you’re able to understand what the risk trajectory is for one of your CKD patients because you’ve been able to take all of the claims data or you’ve been able to take various health care partners, and merge that into a single platform and look at kind of this proactive and comprehensive insight on these patients? You can actually understand who might develop kidney disease, who would benefit from early intervention, or who is at risk for further complications, if in fact you aren’t able to change the course of their health care journey. You can do those things with predictive analytics, and technological innovation. I think additionally, it helps you target efforts on where to spend your time how to mitigate those high costs. And additionally, what programs should you then as a provider start participating in? So those things are really important, and they don’t take away the clinical touch—kidney disease is a very complex disease—and it requires that high [touch] care and very significant engagement. But think about how much better you can do that, and how you can inform your clinical decision making with technology.

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