June 27, 2022


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Businesses Today Require Full-Stack Digital Marketing Services, Says Mansi Rana, MD

In this modern technological era, it has become essential for businesses to change the way they market themselves. For this reason, businesses today require digital marketing or internet marketing services. So businesses need to choose the right SEO packages and other marketing packages that suffice their needs.

This new digital era opens new opportunities for businesses to showcase their products or services to their targeted audience with the help of web or mobile. Brands today are actively using these technologies to their advantage to achieve their marketing goals.

We decided to get in touch with a marketing expert to understand how brands should be marketing themselves via digital marketing. It is for this reason. We contacted Mansi Rana, managing director of EZ Rankings, who won the Digital Marketing Leader Of The Year at Women Leadership Awards, 2020. She manages EZ Rankings, an award-winning digital marketing agency featured on HubSpot, SEMrush, Hindustan Times, and many more.

Mansi stated that it’s important for businesses to have a positive presence in the digital world. In fact, 69% of E-commerce traffic comes from Google, as per Zyro. Not just E-commerce but even local businesses should be using digital marketing tactics as 97% of people learn more online about a local company than anywhere else, according to the SEO Tribunal. We asked her a few questions to know more.

Is digital marketing strategy different for every business?

Nowadays, all businesses should be utilizing social media platforms, search engines, and other available digital platforms to promote their business. However, since every venture is unique, the adopted digital marketing strategy should also be customized. E-commerce business is likely to focus on acquiring more sales. In contrast, a local business will think more about getting leads from nearby regions. Different businesses, hence, different requirements, and therefore, a customized digital marketing strategy is required for every business.

What forms a holistic internet marketing plan, and why is it required?

Content creation, building high DA backlinks, Social Media Optimization, Online Reputation Management, Website Design, App Development, and many more are essential components. With EZ Rankings, we customize everything for our clients and optimize their strategy for only what they require.

However, I suggest complete internet marketing services for all businesses today. To rank well on SERPs, a business needs a 360 plan rather than focusing on one digital marketing domain. SEO won’t mean anything if your online reputation management is poor. You can see why businesses today require full-stack digital marketing services. There are no two ways about that.

So, isn’t ranking on top of search engines the only thing then?

That’s one way to put it. It’s good if your business is on top, but you could do more if your overall online presence is authoritative. People are smart and monitor everything. This includes your overall online presence. 60% of individuals won’t do business with a company with a negative reputation, as per Reputation X. So, what’s the point of being at the top of your ratings/reviews are low. Your rankings don’t mean anything if people aren’t buying from your business. Hence, SERP rankings alone don’t justify your business. The final goal should be that people become promoters of your brand. In short, focus on building trust with your audience. You want people to buy from you. For all this, you require complete digital marketing solutions.

How should businesses be choosing their ideal digital marketing company?

First and foremost, do they serve your needs? Please have a look at the packages on their website. At EZ Rankings, we offer effective and advanced packages that have helped clients of all business sizes.

With our Local SEO packages, we’ve assisted local businesses to get quality leads from nearby areas. To achieve this, we include tactics like creating Google Business Profile, Knowledge Graph, NAP Consistency, Local SEO content.

To aid corporations and businesses, we use our SEO packages that help them acquire quality rankings and website traffic. We focus on Technical SEO, writing content based on user intent, high-quality backlinks, press releases and on-page SEO.

We’ve handled multiple businesses’ online reputations with our ORM packages. It consists of brand reputation management, establishing a review requesting program, responding to reviews and handling any social crisis, managing local directory reviews and ratings.

On top of this, we work on an ‘on-demand’ model which helps our clients stay free from any service agreements. You should feel free to work with a digital marketing company as it’s a partnership. So, visit that marketing agency’s website and look at their services and experience and if they’ve achieved any accolades. Quality companies, usually, have nothing to hide. At EZ Rankings, we’ve everything for our clients on our website.

Lastly, make sure they provide every important internet marketing service. It’s better to have it under one roof. That’s why at EZ Rankings, we’ve made sure to provide complete digital marketing solutions as it makes it easier for all our clients to get it all with our holistic digital marketing packages.