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    Honor MagicBook Pro – Inspect-a-Gadget

    Here’s the thing about Honor (and Hauwei, the parent company) keyboards… at first you don’t think you like them; the keypads on these machines are such a light-touch chicklet design and feel that you almost thing there’s not enough ‘give’ from them. The thing is, it’s a bit like English wine i.e. there’s something special there if you stick with it and give it some time. Okay that’s probably a bad analogy, but the Honor MagicBook Pro’s keyboard might be the first thing you touch and experience with this machine… but it should only be the surface, this is a  

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    Here’s a list of the best affordable laptops and tablets to get for students (with a discount)

    The recently extended MCO is a sign that things won’t be going back to normal anytime soon. Most people are getting their own laptops or tablets for work, education and entertainment at home. Schools also won’t be reopening soon and, whether you like it or not, online classes are the norm now. However, the issue is that some people can only afford a mid-range laptop or tablet. Like smartphones, some laptops and tablets can be quite expensive. But you don’t need an RM3K device just for your kid to do online classes, as there are some laptops and tablets at  

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    These 7 items are worth the dollar or two

    Just because you find yourself short on cash doesn’t mean you can’t afford a few cool tech toys – so long as you consider your local “dollar store.” As evidenced in this Surf Report column – where we look at such deals once or twice a year – you might just be surprised what you can buy for loose change in your pocket or purse. Sometimes it’s a gadget, like a clamp-on LED light for reading in bed, while at other times it’s a low-tech accessory for your smartphone. “Case” in point: a fitted polycarbonate or silicone case for your  

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    Form meets function in premium 2-in-1 laptop

    There once was a time when 2-in-1 laptops were the very definition of compromise. Yes, they boasted the lighter weight and portability of a notebook. And yes, they offered the convenience of tablet-style touch functionality. Oftentimes, however, that all came at the expense of computing muscle.  Then you’ve got the Lenovo Yoga 9i. More in tech:Gadget gifts for all ages and every budget Part of the latest crop of premium 2-in-1 offerings to hit the market, the Yoga 9i features excellent performance on top of the familiar advantages that convertible laptops hold. Is that extra computing power enough? And  

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    Hurry! This Surface Pro 7 deal saves you $460 right now

    With most of us living that work-from-home lifestyle, tablets make a perfect portable gadget when it comes to remote working. So if you’re searching for a solid deal to snatch one of the best tablets available, we’ve got you covered. Right now, Best Buy has the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 with Type Cover on sale for $899.98. That’s saving you $460, making it one of the best laptop deals available right now. With this package deal, you will get the Surface Pro 7 along with its signature Type Cover, which doubles as a keyboard.  Surface Pro 7 w/ Type  

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    Portable power for all your gadgets

    Picking the right third-party chargers and accessories for your smartphone, laptop, and other gadgets can feel like a confusing mess of plug types and charging standards — even more so now that phones are shipping without a charger in the box. Enter Omnicharge and the Omni 20 Plus, an all-in-one charging solution for all your gadget needs. Let’s take a look at Omnicharge’s take on the charging problem with Android Authority’s Omni 20 Plus review. $189 .00 Omni 20 Plus 20000mah Power Bank Save $10 .00 Buy it Now About this Omni 20 Plus review: I’ve been testing the 230V  

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