As technology evolves, so does our collective vocabulary. Even if you’re a luddite who would rather not engage with every new tech trend, chances are you’re going to have to learn about them anyway. That’s why I’m here. Just as in years past, 2023 is sure to bring prominence to […]

(Reprinted from the MusicRow 2022 InCharge Print Issue, published April, 2022.) One of my favorite articles from the MusicRow publication archives is an article written in 1983 by the magazine’s founder, David Ross, entitled “The Computer Is Coming.” I love thinking about how different the world and our music industry […]

What is technological convergence? Technological convergence is a term that describes bringing previously unrelated technologies together, often in a single device. Smartphones might be the best possible example of such a convergence. Prior to the widespread adoption of smartphones, consumers generally relied on a collection of single-purpose devices. Some of […]

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The stories we fashion about ourselves are heavily influenced by our short life spans during an age of unprecedented complexity. We humans, it would seem, are unfathomably complicated creatures who defy simple “just-so” characterizations. Animals, or humans tens of thousands of years ago are fair game for simple stories, but […]