Supplier dependency is a potential pitfall for drug companies, according to researchers who say a strategic approach to bioprocess technology sourcing is vital. Competition in the single-use technology sector is fierce. To gain an edge, suppliers try to differentiate their platforms using, for example, bespoke operating systems or by designing […]

Automation represents perhaps the clearest embodiment of Benjamin Franklin’s legendary “time is money” aphorism — and artificial intelligence (AI)-driven networks are one area where it’s relatively easy to see the near-term benefits that give new meaning to Franklin’s simple phrase. Network automation simplifies operations for network teams and reduces configuration […]

What is pipeline as code? Pipeline as code is an approach to a continuous integration (CI) pipeline where the pipeline is expressed entirely in computer code. The entire pipeline, stored in version control, is expressed as a single script or program that can run with a single command-line execution. This […]

Lockheed Martin Corp.’s Aeronautics unit designs and manufactures cutting-edge aircraft platforms, including the F-35 Lightning II. Advanced manufacturing technology solutions are critical to achieving needed performance, while meeting cost and schedule commitments for this 5th-generation fighter. Metrology technologies such as laser and structured light scanning have advanced significantly over the […]