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Channel Bakers Grew its Workforce by 50{1936381d4253f19a98bc2ecae94a0b0438ab0e234f1c555690d854373a3c9a42} in 2020

ANAHEIM, Calif., Feb. 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Channel Bakers, a global eCommerce agency, grew its worldwide workforce over 50{1936381d4253f19a98bc2ecae94a0b0438ab0e234f1c555690d854373a3c9a42} in 2020, bringing 61 new employees onboard. Despite worldwide economic impacts from the pandemic, the agency achieved year-over-year growth in each of its key markets and accomplished regional expansion goals.

“Our brand is about focusing on new ways to help people,” founder and CEO Joshua Kreitzer said. “Last year we saw more than 145 million consumers shopping online for the first time ever in response to social distancing measures. The shift to shopping online has accelerated the need for brands to transform their go-to-market strategy and overall brand experience into measurable digital platforms.”

International Expansion & Growth

According to Kreitzer, the agency saw a return of more than $700 million in ad-attributed client sales performance from more than $100 million in Amazon ad spend last year.  Just on the Amazon platform alone, Channel Bakers built and managed more than 84,500 advertising campaigns across their 220 clients in 2020 around the globe.

Channel Bakers also celebrated the launch and accelerated scaling of its first UK office, joining its existing US and Asia office locations.  The agency now has full-service representation on three continents, which it credits to enhancing overall speed-to-execution of its client campaigns. 

Creative Team Expansion

The Channel Bakers creative team doubled its head count in 2020, while also doubling creative department revenue. The team also accomplished major business objectives, including development of a full-service, in-house video production department, capable of producing video to scale with an emphasis on Amazon OTT, Sponsored Brands Video, and DSP online video ads.

eMarketer recently reported that digital marketing spend in 2020 grew by $3.59 billion to reach online consumers, who spent more than ever streaming programming by Amazon, Disney, Hulu and other content providers. Digital video streaming platforms such as TikTok and Twitch have drawn a fast-growing audience, which resulted in brands shifting dollars away from traditional television advertising and into products such as Amazon’s OTT advertising.

Kreitzer said Channel Bakers’ clients are seeing increased performance at multiple stages of the sales funnel by employing campaign strategies involving OTT as well as introducing high-quality video into Amazon’s Search platform.  The agency has differentiated itself by combining traditional storytelling with technological innovation.  “Channel Bakers has continued to grow because we are data-driven and maintain a level of creative execution meeting the expectations of the world’s largest brands,” Kreitzer added.

In October of 2020, Kreitzer was awarded “Internet  Marketer of the Year” by the Internet Marketing Association at its annual IMPACT 20, which set a Guinness World Records achievement for largest attendance for a virtual marketing conference in one week.  

Channel Bakers offers turnkey eCommerce solutions and advertising strategies fueled by analytics. Its campaigns help elevate brands such as Samsung and Honeywell, and range from apparel, consumer packaged goods, over-the-counter drugs, automotive, and electronics to financial, insurance, education and more. Amazon, the eCommerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence giant with a market capitalization of more than $1 trillion, not only lists Channel Bakers in their Partner Directory of Amazon advertisers, but has also posted their own case studies featuring Channel Bakers’ creative and advertising work with Samsung.

About Channel Bakers:

Founded in 2015 as the first agency purely focused on Amazon Advertising by CEO Joshua Kreitzer, Channel Bakers is a full-service, global agency founded upon a core tenet to help innovative brands find the right audience at the right time and tell their story to drive sales.  The agency utilizes its decades of experience leveraging data and analytics to grow revenue within specific retailers and verticals.  With this strategy Channel Bakers has helped clients including Samsung become top brands on the Amazon platform.  Channel Bakers is fully accredited and certified by Amazon as an advertising partner.  For more information, visit

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