Cool Gifts You Can Buy the Tech Lover in Your Life for Every Budget

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Do you have a tech-obsessed friend but you’re not sure what to gift them for Christmas this year? Don’t worry, we’ve got you sorted.

We’ve created a mammoth list of the hottest gadgets and gizmos that every tech lover wants to see under the tree this year. From smart home gadgets to office accessories, you’ll be sure to find something within your budget. Be sure to check back to see if we’ve added any more cool tech gifts that might inspire you to hit that Add To Cart button.

Cool tech gifts $100 and under

AUTENS 8-port USB charger

AUTENS 8-port charging station

You wouldn’t think it, but a USB charger is actually a cool gift to stuff in a stocking for a tech lover. This AUTENS USB charger can recharge up to eight devices simultaneously while displaying each one’s charging status on its LCD screen.

Where to buy: Amazon ($38.95) | eBay ($61.99)

Apple AirTag or Samsung SmartTag

Luggage tracker
Image: Samsung/Apple

If the tech junkie in your life is planning an overseas trip during Christmas, then make sure you give them a luggage tracker. With international borders open and so many travelling, it’s never a bad idea to slip an AirTag into your suitcase to ensure it makes it with you to your destination.

Where to buy:

Meross smart bulb

meross smart bulbs
Image: Meross

Changing up the lighting in one’s house can do wonders for your mood, or the ambience. It’s hard to say no to a pair of smart bulbs, especially when you can control the colours and brightness with the tap of your thumb.

Where to buy: Amazon ($39.99) | eBay ($54.42)


Best tech gifts for tech lovers
Image: BlueTwelve Studio

Stray is one of the best games we’ve played this year. In this PS5- and PC-only game, you’ll roam through a neon-lit, walled city as a lost cat trying to find its way back to its family. Helped by your drone companion, you’ll have to evade robots, machines and killer bacteria as you try to return to the surface world. It’s a wholesome game, where you get to cuddle with other cats, nuzzle robots or get distracted by fluttering objects.

Where to buy: Amazon ($59) | eBay ($69)

Eufy Indoor Camera

eufy indoor cam
Image: Eufy

It never hurts to have an added layer of security in your home. With a Eufy indoor cam stationed at their entryway, your giftee can keep an eye on all comings and goings through their front door.

Where to buy: Amazon ($99) | Bing Lee ($129) | eBay ($129)

Anker SoundCore Mini speaker

anker soundcore mini
Image: Anker

The Anker Soundcore Mini is the perfect stocking stuffer if you don’t want to settle on your standard candy canes and chocolate.

Gift this surprisingly powerful portable speaker to your tech-loving mate and treat them to a summer of good vibes. Incredibly, this speaker has a 15 hour playtime, a 66-foot Bluetooth range and a built-in noise-cancelling microphone in case they ever need to take a call.

Where to buy: Amazon ($39.99) | eBay ($39.99)

Razer Viper Mini Ultralight Gaming Mouse

Gizmodo Australia’s Ultimate Tech Gift Guide for Every Budget
Image: Razer

If your friend works from home and gets by using their laptop’s track pad, we recommend treating them to a fancy gaming mouse.

The Razer Viper Mini Ultralight has one of the fastest gaming switches, underglow lighting, and six programmable buttons, so your giftee can assign specific functions for convenience.

Where to buy: Amazon ($59) | eBay ($79) | Razer ($44.95)

God of War: Ragnarok

god of war ragnarok
Image: Santa Monica Studios

Named as one of the finalists for Game of the Year, it’s no surprise that God of War: Ragnarok, the highly anticipated sequel to God of War (2018), is one of the must-have video games this Christmas. If your friend owns a PlayStation and they haven’t picked up a copy yet, surprise them with this exhilarating and refreshing take on Norse mythology.

Where to buy:

Echo Dot with Clock

Gizmodo Australia’s Ultimate Tech Gift Guide for Every Budget
Image: Amazon

The Echo Dot is the perfect bedside table accessory. Not only does its LED screen allow you to check the time at a glance, but it can also display the title of the song you’re listening to, today’s weather and your upcoming alarms. You can also ask Alexa to read an audiobook or play a podcast – it can maybe even tell you a joke to start your morning with a good laugh.

Where to buy: Amazon ($79) | eBay ($95.90)

Elden Ring

elden ring
Image: Bandai Namco Entertainment

Elden Ring is also down for Game of the Year and as the love child between Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin and Dark Souls‘ Hidetaka Miyazaki, we’re not surprised. Known for its rich and dark storyline as well as its extreme difficulty level, if you know a gamer who loves a challenge, then set ’em up with this fantasy RPG.

Where to buy:

Pokemon Scarlet or Violet

Gizmodo Australia’s Ultimate Tech Gift Guide for Every Budget
Image: Nintendo

Pokémon‘s newest release has been a bit of a mixed bag. On the one hand, the game has been plagued with (endearing?) glitches, but it’s still so much fun to play. Not only is it the franchise’s first full-throttle open world and story, but it offers a much more refreshing experience with new ‘mons, Terra raids and sandwich making. Just trust us, it’s good.

Where to buy:

Seagate SSD Star Wars Special Edition

Seagate Star Wars SSDs
Image: Seagate

By design, SSDs aren’t anything special. But if your giftee is a Star Wars fan and hoping to offload some files from their chocked full PC or PS5, you can’t really go wrong with these Mandalorian-themed portable drives.

Both feature 2TBs of storage and will even glow-in-the-dark thanks to the RGB lighting around the bottom.

Where to buy:

PlayStation 5 DualSense controllers

Best tech gifts for tech lovers
Image: Sony

One PlayStation 5 controller is simply not enough, especially with the DualSense’s sad battery life. If you want to really make a PlayStation owner’s Christmas, you ought to get them a back-up controller so they can switch between the two during marathon Call of Duty sessions.

Where to buy: Amazon (from $96) | Catch ($96) | eBay ($107.95)

Best tech gifts between $100 to $200

Casetify phone case

Gizmodo Australia’s Ultimate Tech Gift Guide for Every Budget
Image: Casetify

Who doesn’t want a stylish and personalised phone case for Christmas? Slap your friend’s name on it and call it a day – no one’s ever grimaced at a little extra protection and we know your friend definitely won’t.

Where to buy: Casetify (from $124)

Oral-B smart toothbrush

Best tech gifts for tech lovers
Image: Oral-B

A practical gift is always a good one, especially one they should be using at least twice a day – like an electric toothbrush. Oral-B are one of the top dogs of the electric toothbrush game, so a tech lover is sure to love this smart brush.

By connecting the Oral-B Genius to its mobile app, it will learn the process they use to clean their teeth and provide real-time feedback to ensure they don’t miss any important areas. It can even sense when you’re brushing too hard and will turn red to let the user know to loosen up.

Where to buy: eBay ($174.50) | Shaver Shop ($174.50)

Razer Kraken Kitty headset

Gizmodo Australia’s Ultimate Tech Gift Guide for Every Budget
Image: Razer

A simply purrfect pair of gaming headphones, if we do say so ourselves. These highly-popular Razer Kraken Kitty headphones are wireless, ultra-comfortable, feature 40mm drivers and come with customisable RGB lighting. Not only will your giftee look fantastic during a livestream, but they won’t miss a whisper.

Where to buy: Amazon ($119) | Catch ($219) | eBay ($119)

JBL Flip 6 portable speaker

JBL Flip 6
Image: JBL

With summer on the horizon, everybody absolutely needs a waterproof speaker they can take to the beach or play during a lazy day at home. The JBL Flip 6 offers up to 12 hours of straight playtime, comes in an array of colours and has some bangin’ audio.

Where to buy: Amazon ($128) | eBay ($129.99) | JBL ($149.95)

Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons

Purple and neon orange joy-cons
Image: Nintendo

Does your friend have a Nintendo Switch? Then, we’re willing to bet that they’re probably in need of a new pair of Joy-Cons.

After about a year, most Joy-Cons develop an annoying drift that can’t be rectified. As a result, this makes playing family favourites such as Mario Kart and Mario Party super difficult. Believe us, your mate will be extra grateful that you got them such a thoughtful techy gift – besides, it never hurts to have a backup pair when friends come over for a sesh.

Where to buy:

Sennheiser SPORT True Wireless

Gizmodo Australia’s Ultimate Tech Gift Guide for Every Budget
Image: Sennheiser

If your friend loves to listen to music while they work out, there couldn’t be a better tech gift than Sennheiser’s SPORT True Wireless earbuds. These bad boys come with interchangeable fins for a secure fit, up to 27 hours of playtime and can be personalised through its built-in equaliser.

Where to buy: Amazon ($159) | eBay ($175)

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 3

Gizmodo Australia’s Ultimate Tech Gift Guide for Every Budget
Image: UE

If you’re in need of a compact portable speaker to hit the beach with, the Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 3 is ideal since it’s extra-crispy, extra loud and very, very waterproof.

Where to buy: Amazon ($98) | eBay ($125) | Myer ($98)

God of War Ragnarök Game Drive for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4

Best tech gifts for tech lovers
Image: Seagate

Okay, so your friend already has God of War Ragnarok, but do they have this matching 2TB SSD? If not, get them one.

Unfortunately, the PS5’s internal memory isn’t that big, especially if your favourite gamer loves to collect open-world games. This Seagate portable drive will allow them to effortlessly transfer games in their library back and forth without having to delete them.

This game drive depicts Kratos as a bear and Atreus as a wolf pup, the perfect way to describe the father/son duo’s respective characters.

Where to buy: Amazon ($145) | Big W ($145) | eBay ($149.95)

Fire TV Cube

Fire TV Cube
Image: Amazon

The new Fire TV Cube is pegged as Amazon’s hands-free streaming device, offering 4K Ultra HD resolution and voice control. Pair it with your TV, speakers, and receivers so you can broadcast your favourite shows or tunes with the sound of your voice.

Where to buy: Amazon ($159) | eBay ($199) | The Good Guys ($159)

Cool tech gifts between $200 to $500

Nanoleaf smarter kit

Nanoleaf smarter kit
Image: Nanoleaf

It’s no secret that lighting can affect your mood. Fluorescent lights can make you feel sick and tired, while sleeping near red or orange lights can help provide more restful sleep.

If you want to give your study or bedroom a literal glow-up, try these Nanoleaf smarter kits on for size. Consisting of nine panels, you can organise them in any fashion you wish to create a geometric pattern or even arrange them in the shape of a whale.

Where to buy: Amazon ($279) | eBay ($314.95) | Nanoleaf ($349.99)

NuraTrue Premium Headphones

Gizmodo Australia’s Ultimate Tech Gift Guide for Every Budget
Image: Nura

Fitted with incredible sound, ANC and comfort, these NuraTrue wireless earbuds are the way to go. It even features a self-adjusting EQ that takes into account your hearing measurements to deliver optimised sound just for you.

Where to buy: Nura ($230.30)

Lavazza A Modo Mio coffee machine

Best tech gifts for tech lovers
Image: Lavazza

Does your friend need a cup of coffee to feel alive in the mornings? While the instant stuff is convenient, capsule coffee machines really take it to the next level. Owning the Lavazza Deséa is like having a live-in barista and it can make delicious, fresh coffee in about two minutes with as frothy milk as you like.

If you really want to solidify your status as Best Gift Giver Ever, make sure you get them some compatible capsules to boot.

Where to buy: Amazon ($255) | eBay ($365) | The Good Guys ($319)

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5
Image: Samsung

The Samsung Galaxy Watch5 is one of the best smartwatches if you’re hoping to track your fitness, sleep and heart rate all in one place.

Where to buy: Amazon (from $395) | Kogan ($369.99) | Samsung ($465.70)

Logitech Aurora G715 TKL wireless keyboard

Best tech gifts for tech lovers
Image: Logitech

Logitech’s Aurora collection was designed for inclusivity and customisation. The G715 wireless TKL keyboard features an all-white base set that can be replaced with green or pink-coloured keys as well as matching overlay plates. But perhaps the chicest part is its cloud-shaped wrist pad.

Where to buy: Amazon ($289.90) | eBay ($259) | Logitech ($369.95) | Mwave ($244)

Kindle 2022 eReader

Gizmodo Australia’s Ultimate Tech Gift Guide for Every Budget
Image: Amazon

Amazon’s newest Kindle is a dream come true if you’re looking for a budget-friendly eReader that lets you read in the dark. It’s now packed with 16GB of storage, a glare-free 300ppi screen and dark mode.

Where to buy: Amazon ($179) | Dick Smith ($178.99) | Kogan ($178.99)

Logitech G915 TKL Keyboard

Best tech gifts for tech lovers
Image: Logitech

A mechanical keyboard has a lot of benefits. For starters, it’s much more durable than a membrane one, it can be faster to type on and it makes a very satisfying tapping noise to show you mean business to all of your desk neighbours.

This wireless Logitech keyboard comes in three styles: clicky, linear and tactile, so no matter how loud you like to tap away on your keyboard, at least you’ll easily find one that matches your style and comfort.

Where to buy: Amazon ($253) | eBay ($279) | Logitech ($399.95)

Tech gifts for big spenders

Panasonic 1.5L Induction Heat Rice Cooker

Best tech gifts for tech lovers
Image: Panasonic

Who in their right mind would refuse a rice cooker? Let alone one with 11 different uses? This Panasonic rice cooker uses 3D heating to ensure everything inside is cooked evenly, plus it has specific settings for Chinese congee, quinoa and even cake!?

Where to buy: Bing Lee ($449)

Nintendo Switch OLED model

nintendo switch oled click frenzy
Image: Nintendo

If you or your loved one hasn’t jumped on the Nintendo Switch bandwagon yet, with Pokémon Scarlet and Violet as well as Bayonetta 3 now out, there’s no better time to join the wonderful world of gaming.

The Switch OLED expands on the original Nintendo Switch with double the storage capacity, a bigger screen and an adjustable kickstand for an even better experience.

Where to buy: Amazon ($539) | eBay ($538.95)

Ecovacs robot vacuum

Ecovacs Deebot N8
Image: Ecovacs

Is your giftee a clean freak who’s in need of a break? Then, we can’t think of a much better present than a robot vacuum for Christmas.

The Ecovacs N8 can suck and mop your floors until it’s squeaky clean, plus you can set cleaning schedules so it can tidy up before you get home or map no-go zones you want your robovac to avoid. This is one cool gift that any tech lover would love to see under the tree this year.

Where to buy: Amazon ($699) | Catch ($639) | eBay ($399 with coupon)

KitchenAid stand mixer

Best tech gifts for tech lovers
Image: KitchenAid

This limited edition KitchenAid stand mixer is a pastel dream. Not only will it look stunning on any kitchen benchtop, but it’ll be sure to blend any mixture to perfection. After all, it is a KitchenAid.

Where to buy: eBay ($849) | The Good Guys ($1,099) | KitchenAid ($879)

Dyson Airwrap

Click Frenzy Sale: dyson airwrap
Image: Dyson

Yes, it’s the Dyson Airwrap. Perhaps one of the most wish-listed hair stylers in history. If your tech lover happens to have long locks and wants to reduce the amount of heat damage they add to their hair, the Airwrap will allow them to perfectly curl their hair with less heat and long-lasting results.

Where to buy: Adore Beauty ($799) | The Good Guys ($899) | Myer ($899)

PlayStation 5 Bundle

Best tech gifts for tech lovers
Image: Sony

Over the last two years, attaining a PlayStation 5 was like hunting for the Holy Grail. Now, plenty are readily available so if you or a friend hasn’t nabbed yourselves a console yet, it’s your time to shine. But if you’re going to throw all your cash at Sony, you might as well grab this God of War Ragnarok game bundle so you’ve got something to play on Christmas day. PlayStation games (let alone new releases) don’t come cheap.

Where to buy: Amazon ($888) | Big W ($904) | Catch ($904.95)

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