Cool, Highly Rated Sh*t On Amazon That’s Einstein-Level Genius

If you’re someone who craves a good life hack or time-saving tip, you’re going to love these beyond-cool gadgets that are selling like hotcakes on Amazon right now. And even if you’re not one of those people, you’ll likely still be impressed by the ingenuity, creativity, and resourcefulness of these unique items.

You can also rest assured that whatever you choose to buy is worth it, as these all have rave reviews from satisfied customers. There are things on this list that will improve every area of your home and create more streamlined organizational systems. You’ll also find some off-the-beaten-path items that were just too cool and clever not to include.

Did I mention you’re not going to have to spend an exorbitant amount of money for anything on this list, either? So there’s no need to feel guilty if more than one item catches your eye. Pick up some fun stuff for yourself — and while you’re at it, grab some great gifts for friends and family, too.


A Scalp Massager With Loads Of Hair & Scalp Benefits

You, your head, and your hair will love the results you see after using this silicone scalp massager. It’s made to use wet or dry. So, if you want, you can use it while showering to help lather up your shampoo and get all the dirt and grime out. It’s also a great tool to remove flaky dandruff from your scalp.


This Microneedle Derma Roller For A Professional Facial Experience At Home

Enjoy the refreshed look your skin will have after incorporating this derma roller into your skincare routine. The roller is comprised of hundreds of microneedles that penetrate the skin to stimulate and increase blood flow. Skin will be glowing and have a freshly rejuvenated look. And while many skin tools like this can cost hundreds of dollars, this roller is under $20.


The Detangling Brush With Over 50,000 Positive Ratings

This hugely popular detangling brush is going to work wonders on your hair, no matter if it’s wet or dry. It’s designed to work with curly, straight, thick, thin, coarse, and fine hair types, with flexible bristles that glide through without catching or pulling on knots. The soft bristles ensure there is no digging into or scratching against your scalp, either.


A Wireless Doorbell That’s So Easy To Set Up

Upgrade your home with little effort when you switch over to this wireless doorbell set. Just install the ringer where you want it with the included screws or adhesive. Then plug in the receiver inside your home where you can hear it. It has several different ring features, like volume settings and customizable bells rings so you can create the exact alert you want when someone arrives at your house.


This Bidet That Attaches To Your Toilet Seat & Makes Things Eco-Friendlier

Make your toilet time more eco-friendly by using this bidet attachment in the bathroom. You can install this on your toilet seat in a matter of minutes without any special tools. It comes with a water control temperature knob, an adjustable spray nozzle, and a water flow knob, just to name a few. After making the switch, you’ll be glad you ditched all the TP.


These Space-Saving Vacuum Storage Bags That Condense Your Items

You’ll be surprised at the amount of stuff you’re able to fit in these vacuum storage bags. Once you’ve put all of your storage items inside the bag, use the pump that comes with it (or a vacuum) to suck out all the air and compress them as flat as possible. They’re a perfect solution for storing and organizing all of your season-specific clothing items without taking up a ton of extra space.


A Silicone Popcorn Maker That’s Collapsible For Easy Storage

This collapsible silicone popcorn popper is a fun and easy solution to snacktime. It’s made to evenly disperse heat for excellent popping and has built-in handles on the side that make it easy to carry when needed. It is also free from harmful chemicals, like BPA and PVC, while still being durable enough to withstand the heat from cooking.


This Splatter Screen That Helps Contain Grease While You’re Cooking

It’s never been easier to keep your countertops clean while cooking than when you’re using this mesh splatter screen. You’ll especially love using it when frying up things like eggs and bacon. It not only keeps your counters neat, but it’ll prevent those splatters of grease from singeing or burning your skin. Pop it in the dishwasher for easy cleaning when you’re done.


These Multi-Tiered Hangers Specifically Made For Pants & Skirts

These four-tiered pants hangers are designed with adjustable clips that have rubber clasps perfect for safely holding your favorite pants and skirts. The rubber ends of the clasps are meant to prevent unwanted marks or dents from appearing in your clothes. And because there are four hangers combined into one, your closet can handle lots of items without feeling stuffed.


These Furniture Risers That Provide Additional Storage Space In Your Home

Create more space underneath your furniture in an instant with these plastic risers. The boxes fit snugly on the feet of your furniture and lift them up a full three inches. With that extra room beneath places like your bed and couch, think about turning that into easy additional storage space.


These Big Storage Bags Meant To Slide & Hide Under Your Bed

The amount of extra storage you get from these under bed storage bags will have you wondering why you haven’t used them before. It’s the perfect solution to solve the issue of where to store all of your out-of-season clothes and household decorations. The clear zip-close top keeps everything inside clean from dust and dirt and lets you easily see what’s inside.


This Fun Beard Apron That Turns Shaving Into A Less Messy Activity

You’re going to be amazed at how easy cleaning up the sink is when this beard apron is employed for shaving facial hair. The ends stick to the mirror with suction cups that create a canvas to catch all the trimmings. Instead of your drain getting clogged and hair littering the entire vanity, dump the contents in the trash and you’re done with cleanup.


This Automatic Cleaner That Will Have Your Makeup Brushes Looking Like New

This makeup brush cleaner will get all of your tools looking and feeling brand new in no time. Just load it up with the specially formulated cleaning solution, pop your brush in, and let the machine spin. Recharge the brush-spinning wand with the USB cable that’s included whenever the battery life is running low.


A Magnetic Wristband That’s The Best Handyperson Sidekick You Could Ask For

If you enjoy working on different kinds of household projects, this magnetic wristband will end up being the best assistant you’ve ever had. Inside and around the band are 10 incredibly strong magnets that securely hold onto items like bolts, nails, screws, drill bits, and more. There is also an adjustable closure so you can get a comfortable and snug fit while it’s on.


This Back Vest Created To Help Improve & Perfect Your Posture

Instantly start correcting bad posture when you wear this adjustable back brace. To put it on, slip your arms through the two openings and adjust the straps so they sit comfortably around your shoulders. The posture corrector straps runs parallel to your spine and help rebuild muscle strength as your vertebra realign and learn to stand straighter and taller.


A Mini Mirror To Keep Tabs On Your Child In The Backseat

Safely check in on your little ones in the backseat with this mini car mirror. You can install it in mere seconds to almost any size and style headrest. Once it’s secure, you get a full picture view of your child, children, pets, or wily friends in the back as it works in tandem with your review mirror to reflect the backseat.


A Set Of Expandable Dividers That Optimize Organization & Functionality In Drawers

Create as many or as few sectioned-off spaces in your drawers thanks to these bamboo expandable dividers. These are perfect for drawers in any part of the house: kitchen, bedroom, office, bathroom, and more. You also have the ability to decide if you want them to lay horizontally or vertically. The ends are slightly padded to prevent any damage.


This Handheld Frother To Make All The Cappuccinos You Want

Create the perfect foamy milk in seconds with this handheld frother. That means you can create your favorite coffee beverages at home while honing your barista skills. It works well with all types of milk, from 2% and whole to newer options like oat and cashew. You can also create other blended creations, like smoothies, or quickly beat eggs with hardly any effort on your end.


A Garment Steamer To Quickly & Easily Get Wrinkles Out Of Clothes

Wrinkled and crumpled clothes while you’re traveling will cease to be an issue when you take this portable steamer with you. It’s the perfect size to fit right in your suitcase, and it only weighs 1.5 pounds. Or, you know, use it at home. Once it’s filled with water and heats up to the necessary temperature, the tip- and spill-resistant base means there’s no potential water spills to deal with — only freshly pressed linens.


An Expandable Bath Tray To Relax In Style While You’re In The Tub

Create the ultimate relaxation experience during bathtime with this expandable bamboo bath tray. There is a holder for a wine glass or your favorite cup of tea, as well as a holder for a book or an iPad with leftover space for your phone. Keep some of your favorite bath scrubs or a candle to provide some mood lighting on the side. This tray will fit most tubs; it’s 29 inches as its smallest, and 43 inches completely expanded.


This Clip-On Strainer That Is Compatible With Almost Any Size Pot

Emptying out boiling water while you’re cooking is now easier than ever thanks to this clip-on pot strainer. You’ll never have to struggle with trying to hold a strainer and dump out a pot at the same time with this little investment. Even better, it is designed to fit just about any size pot, and stores in a fraction of the space of a colander.


This Storage Canister That Finally Gives You A Place For All Your Old Plastic Bags

If you’ve turned into one of those people who saves all of the bags they accumulate from the store, you’ll love this plastic bag saver to store them all in one place. It attaches directly to the wall with a few turns of a screw. There is an opening at the top for you to put in new bags you brought home, and a slimmer opening down the front to easily pull out a single bag at a time.


This Odor-Absorbing Device Made From Stainless Steel

Your mind may be boggled at the efficiency of this stainless steel odor absorber. It is designed to be used to draw out unwanted and potent odors from your hands. It’s especially great at removing the smell of garlic, onions, fish, and the like after you’ve finished cooking. Use it with or without water and simply rub it between your hands like a typical bar of soap.


A Water Filter That Attaches Directly To The Faucet For Easy Use

Get clean, fresh, and pure water directly from your sink tap with the help of this Brita faucet filter. Instead of having to open the fridge and constantly refill a handheld water purifier, just turn on the faucet and you’ve got filtered water immediately. You can get up to 100 gallons of purified water with this filtration system before needing to replace it.


These Wands Made To Help Purify Your Wine So You Can Say Goodbye To Headaches

Easily remove the impurities that naturally form in wine, like histamines and sulfites, with these wine wands. They’re meant to help ease the typical morning-after symptoms that go with drinking wine, like headaches, upset stomach, flushed skin, or feeling congested. It also helps aerate your wine, so you really get to taste all the flavors and complexities.


An Upgraded Take On A Lotion Dispenser With Heating Capabilities

Your hands, feet, and body will love the end results from using this heated lotion dispenser. By adding heat to your lotion, you’re helping it penetrate deeper into your skin for top-notch moisturizing. Once you turn on the heating device, within two minutes it’ll be the perfect, warm temperature. It will work with any hand or body lotion, too.


This Electric Wine Opener That Uncorks Bottles In Just A Few Seconds

Uncork a bottle of wine in just a few quick seconds when you use this electric wine opener. On a full charge, you can open up to 30 bottles before you’ll need to plug it back in. Its sleek design makes it easy to hold in your hand, and it’s nice and lightweight, too, only weighing about a pound. Not to mention it helps save on wrist strain, and comes with a 12 month warranty and lifetime customer service guarantee.


This Magnetic, Mesh Screen Door To Keep Bugs Out Of Your House

The magnetic closures on this double-paneled screen help keep out unwanted bugs and insects while still allowing fresh air to flow into your home. Easily walk through the center section that opens and then watch it simply reseal itself shut thanks to the powerful magnets that run down the front. The mesh is super durable, so it will last through wear and tear all year long.


A Cable Management Box To Keep That Mess Of Cords Out Of Sight

A simple, wood-style top and sleek plastic bottom create a tidy, decor-complementing cable management box for all those pesky cords and plugs. Whether you’re trying to straighten up your office desk or entertainment center, it’s large enough to hold the cords, and small enough it’s discreet to the eye. You can even fit a power strip inside if you need.


This Bluetooth-Tracking Tile That Can Help You Locate Missing Items

If you’re someone who is constantly misplacing everyday items like your keys and phone, use this Bluetooth tracking tile so you can always find your missing things. Clip it on with a small key ring and anything within a 250 foot radius will register to your phone or smart home device for you to locate.


This Tiny Gadget That Turns Any Light Switch Into A Smart Switch

Any technology lover will certainly appreciate this smart switch to wirelessly control the lights in your home. This is a universal remote device that can function with both switch and push lights. It’s perfect for setting timers in certain parts of the house each day. You can also automatically turn them on and off from your smart home device or phone.


These Electric Salt & Pepper Grinders So You Always Have Fresh Seasoning

Quickly season your food with the greatest of ease thanks to these electric salt and pepper grinders. You can use these grinders with a single hand. Flip them over and they will automatically begin grinding the salt and pepper for you. It’s also easy to refill them with fresh spices once they’re empty by screwing off the top.


A Charging Station Designed To Tidily Juice Up All Your Wireless Devices

This four-in-one charging station gives you ports to charge a mega variety of electronic devices. It has designated areas for your phone, wireless earbuds, smart watch, and stylus. When you’re not using it, easily fold it up and put it away. As an added bonus, it is designed with overcharging and overheating technology to protect your tech.


These Blackout Curtains To Help You Hit That R.E.M Cycle Each Night

Create the ultimate dark space in your bedroom for the best night’s sleep with these blackout curtains. They have a smooth and silky look to them, and are as soft as they look, too. Not only do they effectively block the light from any room, but they also helps regulate the temperature inside, which can ultimately save you some money on your heating and air bill.


A Fabric Shaver To Remove Excess Fuzz, Hair & Pilling From Your Clothes

Quickly and easily remove unwanted fuzzies from your clothes with this handheld fabric shaver. It is electric and rechargeable, so you’ll be able to use it for years on end. You can use the three different speeds to clean off a multitude of fabrics, too. It’s even effective to use on things like furniture and blankets.


A Fun Steamer Tool To Clean Your Microwave Without Harsh Chemicals

Prepare to be amazed at the power and efficiency of this tiny microwave steam cleaner. All you need is a simple mixture of water and vinegar and you’re ready to start using this awesome cleaning tool. Set the microwave timer for seven minutes, leave it be, and the release of the steam does all the hard work.


An Exfoliating Shower Towel To Help Get Rid Of Dead & Dry Skin

Get super soft and polished skin when you shower with this exfoliating towel. Each one is handcrafted in the Japanese city of Gunma, which has been known as a textile capital for more than 1,400 years. It can be used with your favorite body wash or soap without compromising the quality of the material. You won’t be able to stop touching your baby-soft skin.


A Weighted Blanket That Will Forever Change The Way You Get Cozy

You can’t beat the simulation of deep pressure touch you get from using a weighted blanket. By mimicking the sensation of hugging or gently squeezing a grounding effect is induced, which can help ease stress so you can rest peacefully. Each square is filled with tiny glass beads that help the weight of the blanket distribute evenly when it’s being used.


These Chair Leg Caps To Protect Your Floors From Wear & Tear

Protect the surfaces of your floors from scraping chairs with these chair leg floor protectors. The bottom of each is lined with thick felt to pad and cushion the chair legs. You get 32 total pieces in this pack, which is enough to cover eight different chairs. Not only do they protect your floors, but they also make it much more quiet when pulling chairs in and out.


An Electric Lighter With Bendable Neck To Easily Light All Your Candles

Every candle in your home is going to be easy to light from here on out when you invest in this flexible electric lighter. One of its defining features is that it is wind- and splash-proof, so you can even use it outside in different weather. There’s a bendable neck that can move and swivel in multiple directions and it never runs out of fuel — just charge it up via USB.


A Cooling Pad To Help Prevent Your Laptop From Overheating

This adjustable laptop cooling pad will become one of your favorite office tools thanks to all the different benefits you get. It’s designed with five small and super quiet fans throughout the surface to prevent overheating of your computer. You can also adjust the angle with the kickstand in the back so you can be as comfortable as possible while working.


These Neat Markers Made To Do Small Furniture Touch-Ups

Restore damaged furniture in a matter of seconds thanks to this 13-piece marker furniture repair kit. It comes with six repair markers and six repair wax sticks, as well as a wax stick sharpener. There are also six different finishes to choose from to find the perfect match to the piece of furniture you’re working on. These give you an effective and quick solution for repairing nicks, dings, scratches, and more.


This Heating Plate That Keeps Your Coffee Warm For Hours On End

On the days you get busy or sidetracked with work, you’ll be thankful you have this coffee warmer to keep your morning caffeine toasty for hours on end. It’s the perfect size to fit a single mug without taking up too much space on your desk, table, or counter. The hot plate warms up as high as 131 degree Fahrenheit, or 55 degrees Celsius.


This Set Of Rolling Tri-Dollies To Help You Move Items Up To 200 Pounds

You’ll be surprised at how strong and efficient these steel tri-dolly carts are when it comes to moving heavy equipment and furniture. There are four in this pack, which gives you a streamlined option to move heavy furniture you can’t handle alone. The wheels swivel smoothly a full 360 degrees to make moving them, and whatever they’re holding, easy.


This 3-Pack Of Motion Sensor Lights Perfect For Anywhere In The House

Get additional lighting in areas of the house that are lacking, with the help of these LED motion sensor lights. They’re great for additional kitchen lighting, as they can easily be installed directly underneath cabinets. You could also use them in closets that were never designed with a light, or as a hallway guidance system during the night.

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