December 11, 2023


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Dawn Beobide On Educating Your Developers On SEO (Part One)

Dawn Beobide

I met up with Dawn Beobide, the Director of Marketing at Consumer Labs and she started doing SEO and marketing back in 1999 – Dawn goes way back to the super early days of the SEO industry. She calls herself an SEO Geek and she is, to the core, an SEO Geek. SEO is her deep passion and she loves looking back at the old days and comparing it to today.

We first spoke about how to educate your developers about SEO. Early on she felt it was very important about educating the people she works with about how SEO works, this way she can get buy in on the SEO tasks that need to get done. She would give the Google SEO guidelines document to everyone she worked with, the old SEO guidelines from early 2000s. She would literally send her co-workers videos and documentation – this way they understand the big picture on why they are making the change. When you educate them first, they tend to do some things on their own without having you to ask them to do it.

Sometimes developers simply don’t want to do something because it is too hard or they know better. So you need to find a middle ground with them and balance the happiness of your client and developer.

Part two coming next week…

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