December 10, 2023


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Dell’s best work-from-home laptop is over $600 cheaper today

Dell Vostro 3510 at a side angle on a white background.

While not immediately flashy, the Vostro 3510 was built to take a seat next to other great business laptops, making it a versatile yet relatively cheap laptop. Right now you can even grab it for nearly 50% off from Dell, where it’s going for just $729, down from $1,356, which is a substantial discount on what is already a great laptop.

Why you should buy the Vostro 3510 Laptop

With a 15.6-inch Full HD monitor, the Dell Vostro 3510 gives you a ton of space for your productivity apps and to check your emails without feeling crowded out like you would with more portable 2-in-1s or notebooks. While the 8GB of RAM is the minimum we’d expect for most modern laptops, you can still fit quite a lot of running apps and browsers into the mix without causing too much issue, although adding another stick of 8GB RAM will make a huge difference. Also, even though the large screen doesn’t lend itself to carrying it around, its rough weight of 3.72-pounds is surprisingly light for something that big, so moving around with it won’t be too bad, which is why it’s one of the best Dell laptop deals if you want something for work or fun.

As for the CPU, you get an 11th-gen Intel i7-1165G7, which is a higher-range CPU and not something we’d expect to see given the other specs, but is nonetheless welcome, especially since it will allow you to run CPU-intense tasks without much issue. That means productivity apps, streaming, and running programs won’t be bottlenecking your PC and causing it to lag, assuming it doesn’t bump up against the RAM limit. Storage is also pretty good at 512GB and won’t have you reach for an external hard drive deal, although sadly, it only has Wi-Fi 5, which is a bit disappointing for an otherwise excellent laptop.

Overall, though, the Vostro 3510 is a great business or academic laptop with quite a bit of versatility. Even though it doesn’t have much capacity for gaming beyond casual stuff, with its sale price of $729 from Dell — a $627 discount — it’s still a steal. That said, If you want something with a little bit more oomph, such as having a dedicated graphics card, then there are a lot of great laptop deals that you can look through for something that fits your needs better.

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