Five Website Design Mistakes That Can Have a Bad Impact on Your SEO Efforts

Companies need websites for an effective online presence. Along with good web designs, it is very important to adopt good search engine optimization practices as well. If the SEO efforts are good, the websites can rank higher on search engine page results, have more reach, and get more leads. Therefore, it is important to have a good website design. Learn about the five biggest mistakes in your website design that can affect your SEO and how to avoid them.

Make sure to subscribe to a reliable internet connection such as Spectrum internet so that your website has a good loading speed. The reason that websites that take a lot of time to load up is due to many factors. It may be that you have uploaded an image file that is too large or you have added a lot of redirects to the web page. This is a very alarming situation because users want websites to load quickly so they can get access to the solutions they are looking for. If the page is taking a lot of time to load, then they will simply go to another website. Your SEO efforts can go down the drain because search engines place slow websites at lower spots in the SERP.

The good news is that you can use Google’s Page Insights to understand why your website is taking too long to load. The tool will tell you if your website is fast, moderate, or slow. It will also give ideas on how you can optimize your website. The insights will also tell you if you have unused CSS or third-party code affecting the overall performance. Apply fixes instantly so that your SEO efforts do not suffer.

Remember that good content plays a pivotal role in tempting your customers to buy from you. It is a good practice to combine graphics along with the text. However, you will find certain websites missing out on one of the most important elements of a web page. This important element is the H1 tag (primary heading). Never miss out on the header as it contains the primary keyword. Remember that search engines use software robots called crawlers to read the text on different web pages. These crawlers go to different web pages and rank them on the basis of their keywords. The H1 tag plays a very important role in this regard. Use good H1 tags to rank higher on SERPs.

It is very important that you have a responsive web design. Responsive web designs will allow users to access your website from their PCs, tablets, smartphones, or other internet-enabled devices. Make sure that your website has an optimum resolution on all of these devices. A website with a good responsive design across different devices will load quickly and also have a good impact on your SEO rankings. People who come to your website and do not find it user-friendly will ultimately leave the website contributing to a higher bounce rate. This will directly impact your SEO rankings. The search engines poorly rank websites that have a higher bounce rate.

It is very important to update your website and keep it maintained. Products that you have removed from your inventory must not be visible on the website. Make sure that the navigation of the website is also orderly. First of all, there should be a homepage followed by a category page and product descriptions pages. The better the hierarchy, the easier it will be for the user and the crawlers on the search engine to go through your website. If it is difficult for users to navigate through your website, they will bounce off leading to bad rankings on the SERP.

Another website design issue that can badly impact your SEO work is the absence of sufficient and relevant content and know more from contentpond. Know that a good keyword density is essential for better keyword rankings. Content that does not have an ample number of keywords and misses out on informative images will not be able to rank higher no matter how hard you try.


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