June 7, 2023


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Form meets function in premium 2-in-1 laptop

There once was a time when 2-in-1 laptops were the very definition of compromise. Yes, they boasted the lighter weight and portability of a notebook. And yes, they offered the convenience of tablet-style touch functionality. Oftentimes, however, that all came at the expense of computing muscle. 

Then you’ve got the Lenovo Yoga 9i.

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Part of the latest crop of premium 2-in-1 offerings to hit the market, the Yoga 9i features excellent performance on top of the familiar advantages that convertible laptops hold. Is that extra computing power enough? And is it worth the extra price tag? We take the Yoga 9i to the mat to find out.

Solid design and audio chops

Looks may not be everything but it apparently was a priority when it came to the design of Lenovo’s Yoga 9i.