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Global Companies Are Choosing eSearch Logix for Web Design & SEO Services

Global Companies Are Choosing eSearch Logix for Web Design & SEO Services
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Since the internet revolution started in the 90s, websites have a deep impact on almost every human being on the planet. And today, research shows websites influence 97% of customer purchasing decisions. 

People first search on the Internet when it comes to finding any products or services. There are 5.6 billion searches happen on Google every single day which means your website has a chance to attract and convert many of them into your paying customers.  

Having a strong online presence is not an option, but is a necessity now. Whether you run a bakery shop, grocery store, or sell any products, a website for your business can make or break for generating more revenues provided that your website is empowered with modern features and offers exactly customer is looking for. Today’s business organizations are looking for a good web development agency that can help them with the best website solutions. 

And eSearch Logix- Best Website Development Company in India, has become a favorite choice of several global companies. This is a decade-old IT Company that has been enabling numerous business organizations, entrepreneurs, startups, retailers, small businesses, and large enterprises with the latest web solutions that help business people achieve their goals quickly and efficiently. 

eSearch Logix is known for its broad range of innovative digital solutions that include:

  • Website development

  • Web design

  • eCommerce website development

  • Web application development

  • WordPress development

  • Magento website development

  • Core PHP Website

  • Drupal website

  • Volusion website 

This Indian company has made a large number of global clients through its innovation, robust technology, and a personalized approach in web development solutions. 

Alekh Verma, CEO & Founder of eSearch Logix says “Our journey started 10 years back when websites were evolving and began transforming the industries. We had a mission to empower small businesses, retailers, entrepreneurs, and enterprises with the most effective website solutions. And today we have over 800 global clients with 1000+ successfully delivered projects.”

India is known for its IT power, and it is impressive to see a company like eSearch Logix who is contributing to the country’s economic growth by empowering businesses across the world. 

The company’s success story creates a curiosity to understand how eSearch Logix delivered over 1000+ websites and made a huge number of clients. 

By analyzing their internal strategy it reveals many takeaways that could inspire other web agencies to follow the same. eSearch Logix offers a complete suite of web development services along with additional solutions that help a website to gain more traffic and lead conversions: 

1. SEO Services – to generate relevant website traffic based on target keywords and enhance visibility so that people easily find the website. 

2. PPC Campaign – Pay-per-click advertising is used to gain higher visibility on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. The company creates PPC campaigns that help websites gain organic visitors. 

3. Link Building Services – This is an important part of their SEO services. They implement link building strategy to enable a website to gain more relevant traffic from other websites of similar niche. 

4. Online Reputation Management – to manage as well as monitor the online reputation of a website that ensures visitors make a loyal relation with the brand. 

5. App Store Optimization – to increase app downloads and the number of users for a company’s mobile app. eSearch Logix is also famous for its mobile app development services. They consider ASO an extremely helpful technique to promote an app on the Play Store. 

6. Google Analytics Services – they use it to provide the information that business needs to improve the overall performance of website. 

7. Mobile SEO Optimization – to ensure mobile visitors has a quality mobile user experience. The company reports that the demand for website is now shifting towards a mobile website due to the heavy usage of smartphones. 

8. Digital Marketing – to support a website to reach a larger audience who are mostly available online. eSearch Logix says digital marketing helps them to drive more qualified leads for a website. 

9. Social Media Marketing- to connect and engage potential customers on social media channels. 

10. Content Marketing – to build trust with the audience, improve conversions, reach target customers and generate leads. As modern customers expect high-quality and consistent content from their favorite brands, the company provides this service to businesses that supports them to gain loyal visitors for their website. 

11. Facebook Marketing – to find followers for a brand and drive referral traffic to the website. 

12. Twitter Marketing – the company uses Twitter marketing as a cost-efficient method of engaging and interacting with customers, instead of continuously promoting products and services. 

13. LinkedIn Marketing – to allow a business to reach its target audience by promoting the brand’s core values, nurturing leads, and improving visibility. 

14. Instagram Marketing – with over 800 million unique monthly users on Instagram, eSearch Logix utilizes the full potential of this popular social media platform to provide brands a great channel for interacting with the audience. 

15. Video Marketing – eSearch Logix considers videos a great way to explain a product or service. The company uses the power of video to give businesses the opportunity to quickly display important features of products or services on the website while integrating fun graphics, engaging music, stylistic pictures, and a spunky voice.

In summary, every business entity and individual develop a website to reach more customers. But a website becomes a profitable company asset when it is able to drive large relevant traffic and convert visitors into paying customers. 

Having a website is necessity but making it fully successful is scarcity in the modern age. And this is where eSearch Logix comes in who has proved by utilizing the latest technology and other digital trends you can empower your website to make a high number of customers for your business and stand out in the cutting-edge competition. 

About eSearch Logix:

eSearch Logix is a leading web development company in India which provides advanced web design and SEO services to businesses across the world. The company is working for more than 10 years in the IT industry having over 800 global clients. They are specialized in developing custom websites for eCommerce, retailers, startups, entrepreneurs, SMEs, and large enterprises for multiple industries including health, real estate, food, agriculture, construction, arts, entrainment, education, etc. 

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