Good features of a laptop for school

ONLINE learning takes a lot of adjustments in terms of schedules and workload especially for the student. The teachers also have adjustments to be made with their mode of teaching and the tools to use. On the other hand, parents also have to adjust with the new learning environment of their children. Others prefer module learning while others decided for online learning. Some schools, however, have limited capacities and so offer only either modular or online learning.

For online learners, some parents have to buy their own laptops or tablets to help with the online education of their children. As not all parents are tech-savvy, we asked help from Ramir Bargamento, owner of Hub 101, for tips when looking for a gadget for online school. Hub 101 has been operating for several years now with Ramir specializing in repair and upgrade of different gadgets — from laptops to phones to tablets and so on.

1. What are the internal and external features that must be put into consideration when buying a laptop for school?

One external feature that buyers need to consider when buying a laptop is the size of the screen. The bigger the lesser chances for eye strain.

Internally, one of the best components for laptops today is having an SSD or the solid state drive (SSD) aside from having a good processor.

2. With the current prices of gadgets now, how much should parents prepare when buying a laptop for their children’s school needs?

Entry level laptops with 4gb RAM 14 inch screen and 120gb SSD cost around P15,000. Laptops with these specs are enough for the requirements needed by the software used for e-learning.

There are also a lot of used laptops available in the market. It is a bit cheaper but doesn’t have a warranty. You can find good ones for as low as P8,000.

3. How long is the lifespan of a regular laptop and what is the proper way of taking care of it to make sure it reaches its full use?

Laptops, when properly used and taken care of, can last for at least five years. Others don’t because of pre-existing factory defects or design flaws. This is common nowadays with electronic gadgets.

One way to prolong its life is proper use and maintenance. Read the manuals and have it cleaned. Have the thermal paste replaced at least once a year. Let it cool and make sure to have proper ventilation always when using it.

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