December 11, 2023


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Google Says SEO Does Not Cause Visible Problems On Web Sites

Update: Maybe this story does not make much sense, I am sorry for wasting anyone’s time with it. I was off the mark here.

Google’s John Mueller said on Twitter that he has “never seen a site where that was an issue which caused visible problems with SEO.” I wonder if any of you have. I suspect where SEOs stuff up the pages with content where it causes the page flow to be weird? Maybe some hacked spam SEO causing issues (but that is hacking, not SEO really).

I suspect what John meant is that best practices SEO should not cause visible problems with your website. And that should be true, in fact, best practices SEO should actually improve your website.

But you all know that SEOs do things that they think are best for search engines and are not thinking about the user, and then that may cause visible problems for the web site. Is that good SEO? Probably not.

Here is that tweet, but click through to see the context:

Forum discussion at Twitter.

More context on the reason this is confusing:

Click through to John’s tweet to understand what I was getting at.