December 10, 2023


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Google Says There Is No SEO Reason To Make Bloated Sites

Some folks were complaining that SEO is to blame for the bloat on the web. Specifically when some sites that are so bloated with trackers and other add-ons that the sites are not only slow but slow down your computer. John Mueller from Google said on Twitter “there is no SEO reason for making such terrible & bloated sites.”

Here are some of the complaints on Twitter that led up to this response:

John responded:

Now, Google did say at some point, having such a run down web page can impact how Google renders the page but it has to be insane levels of CPU requirements to cause such an issue.

Either way, there are some sites I try to avoid, even if the story has a good headline, because I know the site will cause my fans on my computer to turn on.

But no, there is no specific SEO reason to make your site bloated for SEO. In fact, it might hurt things not just with your SEO (i.e. rendering) but also with your user loyalty.

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