November 28, 2023


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Hakar Mahmoud on How to Know if an Internet Marketing Niche is Viable

There are many opportunities to profit from an internet marketing niche, from careers to beliefs to hobbies or pastimes. Often, people struggle to make money in niche areas due to inadequate research when they are starting. Hakar Mahmoud, a successful internet marketer, provides the following simple indicators to help you know if a niche is viable.

1. Check to see if the niche area is big enough to market in

Google the keyword of the niche that you want to venture into. Adverts should pop up at the top and right-hand side of the page. These paid adverts will show

you that people are paying to advertise to reach that particular market, and that is proof that the market is big enough.

2. Check if the particular niche buys products online

The internet is the best platform to find a large consumer market. Consequently, the best niche area to market within is one that purchases products online. is one of the sites that you can use to check the marketplace. A tab at the top of the page redirects you to view all the products for sale, which will show you if products have been created for the particular niche area you are considering.

3. Look for online forums related to the topic

Hakar Mahmoud says that one of the things he did that helped him eventually settle on film and celebrity promotion was to look for forums related to the topic he was interested in promoting. Look at what questions people are asking, which will give you an idea of what to market that solves the commonly asked questions. 

4. Evaluate your hobbies and interests

If you are a pencil artist and you want to go into a niche that involves selling e-books, would you purchase a $20 Ebook on how to become a great pencil artist? If your answer is yes, then that niche is viable. Hakar says that the best place to pick up such clues is in google search engines. Questions that come up consistently will help you make an informed decision on what product or service to market to this particular crowd.

Now that you’ve found a niche area to market into, how do you make money within the internet marketing niche? Hakar says that the process is relatively simple.

1. Create an email list and build it by directing traffic to a page where you can get people’s names and email addresses in exchange for something that they value. For instance, you can have a “sign-up to get a free ebook” option to capture people’s names and email addresses. Hakar says that this is the first step to establish a buyer/seller relationship

2. Offer free information and items to these people through follow-up emails to further build your relationship with them. Promote a product that they can purchase through you, and just like that; you’ve earned your first cut.

3. If you have no email list of your own, Hakar says that you can boost your sales or even build your own list by marketing to email lists of people related to that niche.Your initial research is extremely crucial to the success of your internet marketing niche. Hakar Mahmoud has quickly become the first choice for many celebrities when they need promotions due to the good and lasting impression he created with previous jobs. He advises that you focus on building relationships with your target market because people will always buy from people they like and trust. With these tips, you can create a profitable business in any niche and generate whatever income you desire.