How to keep your laptop or smartphone charger wires last for longer without breaking

The cord of the smartphone or the laptop is made of highly durable material that can withstand bending and pressure without breaking. However, no matter how firmly brands claim regarding the longevity of the charger cables, eventually, they wear out after some time of usage. Here are some tips that will surely help enhance the lifespan of your smartphone or laptop charger cable. 

1) Take proper care while handling the cord

You should be a bit careful while handling the charger especially while inserting and removing it from the device. You should hold the plug element firmly and put force in the right direction. You don’t need to bend it to take the plug out.

2) Use cable protectors 

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Nowadays, you can find affordable cable protectors in both offline and online markets. They work quite effectively by providing strength to the point of contact between the cord and the plug. Moreover, the designer ones enhance the aesthetics of the charger cord as well. 

3) Use a spring 

This is a hack that you can try at your home at almost zero cost. You can utilise a spring of the matching size from an old gadget, toy, or appliance to grip around the joint between the plug and the cord.

Tech Tips: How to keep your laptop or smartphone charger wires last for longer without breaking
Tech Tips: How to keep your laptop or smartphone charger wires last for longer without breaking

4) Use tape to wrap 

This is a cheap method to protect your cable from the impact of bending and rough usage. Wrapping a tape around the cord provides enough durability but takes away the aesthetics. The best way is to use trendy yet long-lasting tape to wrap your cable. 

5) Use the ‘Rodie Wrap’ method

The best way to wrap your smartphone or laptop cord is to use the ‘Roadie Wrap’. In this method, you wrap the cable around a circle rather than twisting it. Although a simple method, it assures the longevity of the cable.

Bonus tip

Traveling causes the maximum damage to your cables as it is packed with the rest of the stuff without any protection. Always keep your cords in a purse or a small box to keep them secure. 

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