March 24, 2023


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How to Select a Web Design and Development Service

So what’s the difference between UI design and UX design?

User interface (UI) design is a close relative of graphic design – it is the art of organizing interactive elements, text, pictures, and other elements on the screen. UI design includes a set of actions aimed at creating an interface with which people can interact. However, the interface is not yet the solution. Of course, the interface is a big part of the UX, but it is not yet “UX”.

The essence of personalization is to direct a specific user, depending on the received data, predicting his needs web design and development services. With the help of personalization, you can create content that is relevant to your expectations. Thus, influence the conversion and satisfaction of the visitor.

One way to implement personalization is cookies and a web pixel. When a user enters the site, he is assigned a unique ID. As the user interacts with the site – scrolling through pages, filling out forms, writing comments, navigating through tabs – these events are tracked and saved. As a result, a huge amount of data is accumulated, which, after analysis, will tell us about his desires and preferences. Based on this data, you can create personalized offers.

How to Select a Web Design and Development Service

Development prospects and important skills

  • Learn English. I myself do not know him well, but I try to study at least twice a week, because without this it is problematic. If you want to be a cool designer, you have to consume a lot of information, and good design content is either American or from the guys in the UK. And here and there English is necessary, you need to know it well. Then you can quickly introduce new things into your life.
  • Anyone can be a designer. If you have a technical background, you can do design, draw diagrams, build business processes, become a designer. If you have a background as a graphic designer, you drew presentations, logos and so on – you can come to digital design and also find a place for yourself, only deal with the visual part. You will be paired with the person who draws the diagrams. It’s okay too. But it’s great if you know a little about visual and a little about design.

What does a web designer do

A web designer draws layouts for landing pages, websites for companies, online stores, and also designs interfaces for online services and applications. What else he can do: create templates for email newsletters and draw Internet banners.


In a professional web development company a priori, 2-3 people cannot work, performing work for 6. You should make sure that the company employs:

  • Project manager. The person who will lead your project, answer your questions, control the work of the developers;
  • Internet marketer. The person who advertises and promotes sites, performs analytics, is responsible for optimizing the site and its pages;
  • Website design specialist. It is important that the design is always developed from scratch, and not downloaded from free services or bought for a penny from paid ones;


There are web studios specializing exclusively in one service. For example, design development or website advertising. It is better to contact such companies only in cases where a specific type of work is required. More info here:

The base languages ​​for iOS are ObjectiveC and Swift. If you’ve never come across the first one, then I just don’t see any reason to learn it as a first language. The point is that Swift was created with the goal of closing all the shortcomings of ObjectiveC and not rejecting established developers. As a result, today it is one of the most progressive languages, both in terms of popularity and quality development. For learning a subject from scratch, the book Swift. Basics of App Development for iOS “or the intensive” Basics of the Swift Language “.