May 28, 2023


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How Website Design Continues to Evolve, a Short Study

With the popularity of the online world in modern times, there seems to be exponential advances in website design to try and capitalise on the ever-growing demand. The reasons behind this phenomenon are endless. However, the main driving factors are relatively obvious when one looks deep enough.

Heavy Incentives to Improve Website Design

In this article, let’s discuss some of the reasons that influence the constant innovation of web design systems. As well as why it is great news for would-be business owners or website developers.

There is a plethora of reasons why companies continue to improve on website design. To mention a few: increased traffic to websites. Longer times spent on websites by potential customers. And drastically increased profits.

Think about it. Which website do you think you would be more likely to buy from? A website that is randomly put together with no coherent theme or a smart, polished, and professional website? Assuming both of said websites are selling the same products, the overwhelming majority of people will choose the latter.

So, if you take the aforementioned points into consideration, it becomes obvious why companies are willing to spend an eye-watering amount of revenue on website design in order to get an edge over their competitors. This means that because of the exponential rise in both internet users as well as websites, the demand for improved web design is huge. Which leaves a vast number of companies trying to fulfil that niche.

How Website Design Continues to Evolve

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Ease Of Use = Success

Take a look at the evolution of web design since the birth of the internet. You can see that one of the most substantial differences between the modern-day and the internet’s inception is the ease of use.

Making a website as well as navigating the digital world as a whole is so much easier now than it used to be. And that’s not just a matter of coincidence. The easier it is for a service or product to be bought, the more people will do it.

At first, using the internet was a complex task that only a few sophisticated minds could operate. What if things were to have stayed like this? Imagine the billions of dollars of lost revenue for all the large companies that operate online.

Because of this, companies are constantly trying to make websites more user-friendly. The more people that are able to access and use a website, the more revenue and sales that brings.

To put things into perspective, if you go to buy some headphones and you find a website that is extremely difficult to navigate, you will likely give up on your pursuit and find another website. On the other hand, if a website that is selling headphones is super simple to operate, you are more likely to return to that website for future purchases.

How Website Design Continues to Evolve

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Website Design: A Never-Ending Cycle

With the number of variables that can affect how successful a website is, there can be a wide range of mistakes website owners can make.

The only way that companies and people can avoid making these mistakes is by optimising every aspect of web design to their full capabilities. This creates a never-ending cycle of new innovations in order to further out-do the previous model.

A business’s main goal is to make money. Sure, they may have side projects as well as moral aims, but the main motivating factor surrounding a business’s decisions is if it will be a good financial choice.

If all of your competitors redesign their websites in order to optimise certain aspects of design, then that will leave you at a severe disadvantage. Of course, the logical decision when this happens is to come up with something new that will make your website perform better than your competitors, and this is where the cycle begins.

From here, other businesses will catch on to the new trend and upgrade their website, only for something else to come along in a few months which proves to slightly increase sales. It’s a constant game of cat and mouse where every business is trying to not only math their competitors but also out-do them.

In Conclusion

Web design is likely to change drastically every year. Which means in a few decades, it is more than plausible that we won’t even be able to recognise a website from the future if we were to see it now. As website design keeps evolving it becomes easier and easier for people to start their own website. And that is amazing news.

Lastly, the evolution of website design doesn’t just bring a wide array of benefits to web developers or bloggers. It also improves the web experience for users. Things will likely become much more streamlined. Something that will be a welcomed addition by many.