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In conversation with Vasid Qureshi, entrepreneur and founder of eRight Click Solutions

Vasid Qureshi is the founder of Gujarat-based startup eRight Click Solution, a company that provides internet marketing services to more than 50 countries. He is a blogger and author who loves to write and share his knowledge to the world.

Vasid was an avid social media and internet user and he loved spending time while being acquainted with the internet. This is when he realised that he can start building a career in the internet marketing field. To start his career in internet marketing and launching eRight Click was not that easy as it seems. Vasid struggled a lot but as there is a famous saying “There is a will there’s a way” he never quit and finally launched his startup company which is popularly known as eRight Click.

Vasid Qureshi is also very popular among the blogging community. He has been a speaker to various events in Ahmedabad and out of Ahmedabad. He has written a depth guide on the photostick or in case if you want to read his latest blog. Vasid Qureshi, an Entrepreneur,  talks about the importance of social media, as well as its future. Excerpts from the conversation:

Q) Why do you think internet marketing is the next big thing?

Digitalization is taking over the entire world. Thanks to social media, people have started gaining recognition as well as making money on it. There was a time when social media and the internet was considered as a medium for chatting and killing time, but all that has changed but now it’s totally changed. People use social media to build networks and to get connected with like-minded people. People who know what internet marketing is are making good money.

Q) What are the ways to make money online?

There are many ways to make online. Few of them are blogging, affiliate marketing, social media marketing and freelancing are few of them by which someone can make money easily by staying at home.

Q) What’s the easiest easy way to make money online from the above-stated ways?

The short answer is to “None of them”. Making money online is not that easy as it seems. One has to dedicate time and a lot of energy. Every day you have to learn new things. You have to get ready to fail.

These days, internet marketing is flooded with fake gurus. Who makes fools of new bloggers, internet marketer by showing dreams to make money online easily.

Q) What are the sites that offer freelancing work online?

There are many sites like Fiverr, Upwork and seoclerk. Where you can just sign up and start providing your freelancing services. Suppose if you’re good at writing you can start selling your content writing services or if you’re good at graphic design you can get gigs and sell logos, template, photo editing kind of stuff.

Q) What do you think about digital media as a platform for aspiring singers?

The full potential of internet marketing is yet to be utilized. Being an internet marketing expert and blogger, I would say that the whole concept is still at a nascent stage. Digital experts are still exploring new things almost every day.

If we talk about the future some marketers believe that Internet space is going to expand further with greater potential, with more companies entering into the digital world. Actually. nobody can predict what exactly is gonna happen in future, but I am pretty much sure that Digital Space will certainly get refined and rejuvenated with more powers.

Q) What is the most challenging thing that you have faced till now?

Even as marketers and agencies grow wiser, new tools and technologies create new challenges.

According to me, influencer marketing is the toughest job on digital media. Some of the challenging things are:

  • Spotting fake followers
  • Changes in social algorithm
  • Rising influencer costs
  • Keeping up with social media trends
  • Building a strong yet creative strategy to attract traffic
  • Brand safety

Q) Who do you want to credit your success to?

First of all, I would like to thank god for giving me this opportunity. Whatever and whoever I am, it is because of Almighty god. I also thank my parents for continuously supporting, encouraging, and inspiring me.

Many thanks to my friends and other family members for believing in me and not stopping me to do whatever I wanted to do. I thank everyone for blessing me.

Vasid Qureshi is the Founder and CEO of eRight Click IT Solution. You can connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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