March 24, 2023


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Internet Marketing Ninjas employee navigated wellness checks to permanent remote work shift

For the 2022 Top Workplaces report, we’re shining a spotlight on some of the people who help their employers and colleagues to thrive every day – and especially during the pandemic.

Jim Boykin rattled off the attributes of a key employee who kept Internet Marketing Ninjas afloat during a global health crisis.

During the dark early days of the pandemic, Christine Alber led wellness checks, connected with employees and served as an all-around morale booster at the internet marketing and search engine optimization firm. 

Alber even offered to speak to pandemic-rattled employees from the street if needed. 

CEO Jim Boykin said Alber was the person that everyone could come to “like the mom of the company.”

“I didn’t think twice of texting or calling her on a Sunday,” Boykin said. “She’s always there for anyone. 

“She’s the whole glue of the company in many regards but won’t take any credit.”

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Alber is humbled by the praise.

“I wish he would have chosen someone else” to be singled out for accolades, Alber said. “There’s a whole company full of unsung heroes.”

Like many businesses in March 2020, Internet Marketing Ninjas quickly pivoted to a work-from-home model.

Headquarters: Formerly Clifton Park (now entirely remote)
Founded: 1999
Ownership: Private 
Business sector: Full service internet marketing company specializing in SEO
Employees: 41 
Years named a Top Workplace: 3

It’s an arrangement the company that used to have a Clifton Park office has now made permanent. They decided not to reopen headquarters after taking a company poll.

“We were absolutely shocked at the results,” Boykin said. “Over 85 percent wanted to work remotely permanently.”

So they did. And Alber became the chief employee for helping over three dozen staffers navigate the transition. She remains readily accessible 16 hours per day.

“We wanted to make sure everyone was OK,” Alber said. “It was a difficult time and we aren’t anyone — as far as the company is concerned — without our employees.”

Now staffers can choose their own hours. And socialization is facilitated through a flurry of events — including in-person bashes scheduled for this spring and summer, from a visit to the Altamont Fair to hiking expeditions.

Better communication was previously flagged by employees as a desired improvement. 
“The interesting outcome is that communication actually got better,” Boykin said.

Among the new aspects: Boykin bought everyone Oculus headsets and the team of 41 is experimenting with virtual meetings — even recreating their former office space in a virtual format.

“This is the next best thing,” Boykin said, “and the most important thing is we’re all safe.”