December 3, 2023


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Jharkhand police to set up smart gadget bank across stations for needy school children | Ranchi News

RANCHI: Come July 15 and there would be a queue of a different kind — a line of people who have extra smart gadgets — in front of police stations across the state. The people are expected to donate their extra gadgets to create a bank for distribution to needy students for their online studies.
The bank is a brainchild of state DGP Niraj Sinha who said he decided to start it after he was moved by the suicide of a 19-year-old bright student of mathematics honours at Lady Sri Ram College, Delhi, at her home in Telangana for the want of a laptop to continue her studies during the lockdown and the selling of mangoes by a 12-year-old Jamshedpur girl on the roadside to buy a smartphone.
Sinha circulated his idea within the police department and called for the creation of a gadget bank at the police station levels. Personnel of the department and common citizens are now expected to donate their extra smart gadgets.
The top cop said the idea is to collect second-hand smartphones and laptops which are in running condition but often discarded by users for updated versions or a better brand. The gadgets will be distributed among deserving and needy students.
Talking to TOI, Sinha said he was deeply moved by the suicide of the Telangana girl in November last year just because she was unable to attend online classes as she doesn’t have a laptop. “There is a digital divide in the country and if we are unable to bridge this gap, the frustration among those willing to study but do not have the gadget can manifest in various forms, sometimes detrimental to society,” he said. “The gap between the rich and the poor sometimes increases crimes as well,” he said.
The create the bank, Sinha circulated a letter within the department, seeking the cooperation of all SPs to see if the idea of creating a gadget bank at the level of police stations is viable. “I don’t want the effort to be riddled in controversy so a definite a clear-cut mechanism must be adopted for which I have also broadly discussed the modalities,” he said.
Sinha said since the reach of police is maximum, the department can take up the responsibility of collecting the gadgets but in due course, they might require the support of the school education and literacy department for identification of potential beneficiaries.
Discussing the modalities, the DGP in his letter has said that he is open to suggestions from all ranks and files. “A station diary entry should be made against a laptop or a smartphone received from any individual and he or she would be issued a certificate saying that for any unauthorized use of the submitted gadget, the owner would no longer be responsible,” Sinha said in the letter, explaining that this would reduce the hesitancy and liability of ownership for those willing to donate.
On the other hand, the SPs have been instructed to take an undertaking from the recipients of these gadgets that they would not use them for any anti-social activity and would be held responsible if the IEMI number of smartphones or the serial number of laptops is found in crimes.
To develop the formats, arranging a station diary dedicated to the purpose and training the police personnel are likely to take around a fortnight. “Though the letter has been circulated, I expect the drive to begin by July 15 so that the police stations are ready to accept the donations with proper formalities,” Sinha added.