November 28, 2023


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Mohammad Nayem – the founder of Yeager Digital helps you to get the media attention towards your brand

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Mohammad Nayem is an Entrepreneur From Bangladesh Who is the Founder of “Yeager Digital”, today the name of a leading Influencer marketing agency in Bangladesh. He is an Internet marketing strategist with past experience of 3 years. He started internet marketing consultancy for various celebrities, public figures, Brands and politicians. Let’s know more about Mohammad Nayem.

He was born and brought up in Bangladesh, and over the years he has managed to create a sizable following as a Marketing Influencer on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. He has also dabbled into the viral marketing world, and his team-leadership skills have led him to become one of the most accomplished online marketers in Bangladesh.


Nayem is a very passionate and goal-oriented professional, who derives his inspiration to make a positive impact on this planet. As a social media influencer and Marketing Strategist, he promotes social messages, Movies, Brands videos at social media with his influencer network of more than thousands of Influencers across Bangladesh.

Nayem is also a successful business promoter and Lead generation expert, who has used his extensive knowledge in the online marketing industry to give exposure to small brands as well as big companies. He has grand dreams of spreading knowledge with the power of the internet, and that is why he is a highly self-motivated individual who has been involved in the digital marketing scene for many years now. Through years of hard work and toil, he has successfully carved an image for himself as a successful Digital & marketing consultant, and his commitment and utter devotion to his work means that companies can leverage his unique skill set and expertise as an online marketer to get their desired results. He has a strong Instagram Fanbase for marketing and established a strong online marketing team.


Yeager Digital is a place where you will get the key to your successful entrepreneurship. Yeager Digital helps you with the high quality services which you need to make your brand more visible not only in your locality, but all over the world by just believing in their power of skills.

Mohammad Nayem is always hungry to learn new things and his tenacity and open-mindedness towards knowledge is the secret to his success. He doesn’t let his obstacles get the better of him and learns from his mistakes. Digital marketing is a field that is constantly evolving, as companies find newer ways to market their products. Thus, as an expert, one has to be innovative and have the ability to think outside the box in order to reach a wider audience on the internet.

Nayem has constantly displayed his creativity in this field and strived to get better and better at his business. He never settles, and because he is always hungry to learn and grow his team, he has the potential to achieve even greater success as his quest for knowledge will lead him to newer opportunities and break more boundaries. No wonder why he is making headways in Bangladesh with his work.

If you want to make your journey hassle free, then check yeager digital for further information. We would love to help you through your journey. Let’s grow together.