May 10, 2021


Skillful Technology Connoisseurs

OutThere Colorado gets national recognition with ‘best local website’ award

OutThere Colorado has received the ‘best local website’ award from the Local Media Association as part of their 2021 ‘Digital Innovation Awards’ presentation for the previous year.

Brands across the country were considered for the award, with OutThere Colorado competing in the ‘750,000 or more unique monthly visitors’ category.

Image Credit: Local Media Association

Image Credit: Local Media Association

The award came after a year of strategically ramping up and expanding news coverage to provide more comprehensive content to the OutThere Colorado audience. Judges of the competition noted the fluid design of the website, which was revamped during 2020.

Current OutThere Colorado staff includes:

Spencer McKee – Director of Content and Operations

Breanna Sneeringer – Content Marketing Specialist

Leslie James – Digital Communications Assistant

Thanks goes out to:

– Davin Bergstrom in website development, as well as the rest of The Gazette IT support team. Former employee Scott Curry also played a key role in the development of the current website.

– Many members of The Gazette newsroom including, but not limited to, Seth Boster, Nathan Van Dyne, Jen Mulson, Mary Shinn, and Amanda Hancock.

– Many members of The Denver Gazette newsroom including, but not limited to, Chuck Hickey, David Mullen, and Hannah Metzger. Find an OutThere Colorado section in this daily digital newspaper, which can be tried for free.

– Many members of the Colorado Politics newsroom including, but not limited to, Joey Bunch, Alayna Alvarez, and Ernest Luning.

– Jeannie Sheeks for her design work with our merchandise expansion project and the OutThere Colorado print edition.

– Chris Reen, Rich Williams, and John Boogert

– Many others that have contributed to the success of OutThere Colorado in the form of content creation, website design, and more

– Our readers for the valuable input they continue to send our way, helping the OutThere Colorado team better adjust to their needs

OutThere Colorado is a brand of the Colorado Springs Gazette.