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Princeton New Jersey Internet Marketing Service for Small

Princeton, United States, May 04, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Princeton based Internet marketing service startup 10X Digital Leads LLC is now offering its services to small businesses. This startup has a goal to revive local businesses and provide them services which can help business owners not only survive but thrive in the post COVID-19 era.

“COVID-19 has changed the way people used to shop for products and services. Now everyone is using the internet and buying what they need while sitting at home. Unfortunately, these small businesses do not know how to get the attention of those clients/customers since traditional marketing does not work anymore. We want to help these businesses create or improve their online presence so that they can compete with their giant rivals” said 10X Digital Leads founder Muhammad Sabir.

Based on the type of business either product or service, there are different types of marketing strategies available but one strategy is common to all types of businesses and that is called Search Engine Optimization or SEO. When a customer performs a search on Google or Bing for their desired product or service, Google uses several criteria to find the best business for that query (called keywords) and present it on the results page (Search Engine Results Page or SERP). Customers then look at the results and decide on which company they should do the business with. Only top search engine results get most of the business from the Internet.

SEO is the process which ranks a company’s website in search engine results and is very complex to implement involving website optimizations, Google/Bing business optimization, building authority, building reputation etc. Businesses usually do not understand how to do the SEO and fail to optimize their online presence resulting in losing the business.

“We are offering an SEO service which is very effective for local businesses because we use Artificial Intelligence based tools which produce results which are not only more accurate but also faster than what our competitors produce. These AI tools are the latest in technology, and we have included them in our ecosystem in early stages, so that we can build expertise around it.” Muhammad Sabir mentioned.

Muhammad, Founder of 10X Digital Leads is an experienced Software Architect with more than two decades of experience in software development and internet applications. He is a passionate individual who wants to help businesses grow.

Other services offered by the startup include Online Reputation Management, Bot development, SEO optimized websites, Mobile app development and various offerings to local businesses like coupons/rewards etc.

More information about these services is available at https://10xdigitalleads.com

10X Digital Leads LLC is located at

300 Carnegie Center, Suite 150, Princeton, NJ 08540 United States.

Businesses can schedule a consultation with a digital strategist by visiting above URL or by calling at (609) 604-7078.

Website: https://10xdigitalleads.com