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According to the latest survey, E-commerce firms are losing money and consumers due to bad site design. Storyblok survey found that 6 in 10 of consumers say they wouldn’t return to a site after the first visit because of poor design and layout.

As per Storyblok, “E-commerce companies are losing an average of 5 purchases a year per consumer, with 8% of consumers abandoning more than 10 purchases.”

Website abandonment is a major problem for e-commerce businesses, as most shoppers abandon their shopping carts within a few seconds. This makes it imperative for e-commerce companies to create a website that customers want to stay on for longer, which can only be done by delivering a highly-optimized experience.

“When (consumers were) asked (about) their main reasons for leaving an e-commerce website, 37% said limited payment options, followed by poor navigation or layout (37%) and slow loading speeds (33%).”

It seems that Americans are feeling better comfortable buying online — and sharing their experiences. But when they do, they’re also frustrated by poor designs. Of those who’ve purchased online, 40% have shared this experience.

However, 60 percent of users believe that e-commerce sites are improving, while only 5 percent believe the opposite.

More than 1/2 of Americans plan to buy Christmas presents online this year, and 50% expect to make acquisitions the same as before this holiday season, compared with just 10% who expect to make less.

Storyblok’s chief executive officer, Dominik Angerer, said that customers like websites that are simple to use, have an appealing layout, and run smoothly. But many websites are not falling into this category. They took too long to load and redirected users to multiple pages within the site.

In a consumer-focused market, Angerer said that with a total of five per customer, a missed sale by most businesses could have a significant financial impact.

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