March 24, 2023


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Signs of a Successful Website Design

Today we are spoilt for choice for internet content. No matter whether we are looking for a recipe, wanting to book a cruise, trying to find a casino game to play, or looking for some home decoration ideas, dozens or even hundreds of websites will try to offer us just that. But not all websites are the same. Some will be immersive, keeping us interested and perhaps making us book/subscribe/buy while others will make us escape within seconds. 

If you run your own website, there are tricks you can use that will work and we will tell you about these. We had a chat with Martim Nabeiro,  about what to do and what not to do when designing your website. Martim is an iGaming expert from Portugal and knows a thing or two about website design. 

User-friendly Navigation

Once users are on your website you want to keep them there. In order for them to stay, they should be able to find what they are looking for with ease. Having an always visible search bar is a good idea as some people don’t have the patience to go through all the options on a drop-down menu. That being said, you should of course have a visible navigation bar where users can find the different product or service categories under drop-down menus. You can use color contrast to highlight the navigation bar. 

If you have very many products, for example over a thousand games in casinos em portugal online, you can display the main categories – e.g. slot games, video poker online, roulette, bingo – on the landing page that the users can just scroll down. 

Appealing Visuals that Suit your Target Group

Your website is not for everyone. A certain design of the site may be attractive to millennials but annoying or confusing to businessmen or older people. For example, if you are selling fashion items such as clothing and accessories, your main target group is most likely women between 20 and 40. Using dark colors, formal Portuguese language, and lots of text will not resonate here. Instead, you can use feminine colors and lots of pictures with attractive models.

However, a company that offers accounting services should look professional. It should use formal language, simple design and content should be to the point. 

Optimize your Site for Mobile Use

According to Statista, today 54.8% of all internet browsing is done from mobile devices. Therefore having a mobile-friendly interface is mandatory. If your site is hard to read on mobile or is full of annoying pop-ups, people will escape from it and go to your competitor’s site. Whatever the users tap on should change to fit their screen perfectly. If you have different items on your site, e.g. games that open in a new window, you should make sure your online game design is also flawless and will not cause any usability issues. 

Call to Action

A call to action button or CTA is your first step towards the sale. It does not necessarily mean a sale but it is the first action the customers can take that may lead to the sale. For example, it could be a free trial for a virus protection package or a home exchange website. In an online casino, it could be a welcome bonus given for people who sign up and deposit money on their player account. 

The CTA should be clearly visible as soon as the customers open the webpage and ideally they shouldn’t have to scroll down to find the CTA button. These CTAs also help indecisive users decide what to do next. If there was nothing to prompt them to act now, they could leave your site without a sale or a promise of a sale. 


Creating a great website can be the difference between making a sale or not making one. You should consider your target group when deciding on colors and language. The site should be user-friendly and optimized for mobile use. Displaying a CAT can help you boost sales.