Apple’s shift to in-house processors has prompted a fanless rethink of its most popular laptop. Apple released the first general-user MacBook Air laptop based on its M2 processor in July with UK retail prices starting at £1,249. The company says it represents the first major redesign of the computer in […]

The new MacBook Air has a lot going for it: a new design, bigger screen, MagSafe charging, and a new Apple M2 chipset. Among other things, Apple says that chipset includes a CPU (central processing unit) that’s 18 percent faster than the M1 chip you can still buy in a […]

This whale alert can help traders discover the next big trading opportunities. Whales are entities with large sums of money and we track their transactions here at Benzinga on our options activity scanner. Traders often look for circumstances when the market estimation of an option diverges away from its normal […]