Planning a site migration?

Migrations are one of the more difficult – and often dreaded – SEO tasks.

To make it work, you need to avoid common pitfalls that can impact your visibility and result in lost traffic and revenue.

On August 11, I moderated a sponsored Search Engine Journal


That’s quite a difference in search intent.

The first example speaks to your brand’s popularity, the other is competing for the user’s attention. It’s the latter that we can fully influence through SEO.

Why You Should Target Non-Brand Organic Keywords Only (& Measure Non-Brand Organic Traffic)

To be completely honest,


A well-designed website is the digital foundation of any successful business. 

When a company’s website is easy to find, quick to load and seamless to navigate, strangers can transform into brand loyalists in just a few clicks. Unfortunately, the journey from search engine query to shopping cart checkout is fraught