What to impress has like the reputation ecommerce then your website design, which is critical because it will impact your audiences figure out about your brand. Excel website Design makes the customer navigate easier; it also promotes the brand in clear identity.

Why Website Design Matters

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Every PR professional knows the power of the press release.

Whether you’re launching a new product, announcing a merger, or have any other notable information you want to share, the press release is a great way to distribute that information. 

But does it have any impact on your SEO efforts?


By choice or necessity, Americans have fallen for fancier smartphones, televisions, laptops and cars. The companies that make this stuff are trying to assess whether the shift to luxury is a temporary phenomenon or a new normal.

Some relevant stats from 2021:

  • More than one of every four smartphones sold


ONLINE learning takes a lot of adjustments in terms of schedules and workload especially for the student. The teachers also have adjustments to be made with their mode of teaching and the tools to use. On the other hand, parents also have to adjust with the new learning environment


When I first started working in SEO, it was easy to find success.

In the days before Google, all you had to do was look at the pages that were ranking for the term you wanted to rank for and copy the on-page tactics they were using.

You were pretty