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    Honor MagicBook Pro – Inspect-a-Gadget

    Here’s the thing about Honor (and Hauwei, the parent company) keyboards… at first you don’t think you like them; the keypads on these machines are such a light-touch chicklet design and feel that you almost thing there’s not enough ‘give’ from them. The thing is, it’s a bit like English wine i.e. there’s something special there if you stick with it and give it some time. Okay that’s probably a bad analogy, but the Honor MagicBook Pro’s keyboard might be the first thing you touch and experience with this machine… but it should only be the surface, this is a  

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    Hurry! This Surface Pro 7 deal saves you $460 right now

    With most of us living that work-from-home lifestyle, tablets make a perfect portable gadget when it comes to remote working. So if you’re searching for a solid deal to snatch one of the best tablets available, we’ve got you covered. Right now, Best Buy has the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 with Type Cover on sale for $899.98. That’s saving you $460, making it one of the best laptop deals available right now. With this package deal, you will get the Surface Pro 7 along with its signature Type Cover, which doubles as a keyboard.  Surface Pro 7 w/ Type  

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