Today’s Ask An SEO question comes from Peter, who asks:

“What’s the risk of focusing on what competitors are doing, as opposed to charting your own path? If all competitors are looking at each other, there’s no differentiators.”

Great question, Peter! And one that comes up a lot.

If a


At Estudio34, we have a powerful mix between SEO and PPC, which helps us be more effective at optimizing spending and targeting.

So, start by building a communication plan before creating your next digital strategy. Focus on leveraging some of the learnings from one another.

Step 2: Define The SEO


So many factors impact SEO performance that there are countless different threads to be pulled on.

How do you know where to focus your time and effort to significantly impact your KPIs and demonstrate progress?

Here are a few tips and strategies to prioritize first.

Structuring Your SEO Strategy