December 4, 2022


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The Eagle unveils new website design | Local News

The Eagle website,, will roll out a new design today to help make sure you get the content you care about most.

The new design presents stories, videos, podcasts and photos in a way customized to each reader’s needs and preferences.

As you read on the new site, your preferences will be used to personalize your experience. Seven spots on the top of the homepage will offer a mix of what The Eagle has to offer at any time. And this mix will change throughout the day, reflecting what people are talking about.

As you make selections, the website will present more options for you to see.

Our newsroom works daily to provide readers the relevant local journalism they can’t find anywhere else. No one else invests in a daily news report, investigative special reports and watchdog journalism like we do. No one else offers the entertainment and arts coverage, restaurant and food news, and perspectives of local voices like we do.

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This new website design works to connect you to all of that content where instead of your having to look for it, content is suggested for you based on what you have consumed before.

If you subscribe to the print edition, you’re automatically a digital subscriber, and we can help you activate your digital account at

This website design is the first of many changes as we plan to update our mobile app and our email newsletters.