December 11, 2023


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Three Website Elements Businesses Should Focus On In 2021

CIO at SiteGround, overseeing performance, operation, and optimization of 10 000+ enterprise server units in five data centers worldwide.

With 2021 already showing some promising signs of optimism and normality, business owners are looking for a bit of a refresh to achieve new sales goals and find new customers. At our company, we know that one major factor that can help play into all these aspirations effectively is your website. Here are my thoughts on what will be important to ensure for your website through 2021 to make the most out of it for your business.

Strengthen Website Security

Because your website is your main channel of interaction with clients, it’s essential to ensure it is safe to browse and hold client information. Consider adding an SSL certificate if you still don’t have one for your website. It encrypts the communication and information between the server and your website. It also has SEO advantages and will increase your visitors’ trust because your website will be indicated as safe. 

Recent data has also shown vulnerabilities in many commonly used passwords. To maintain website safety, you can as well set forced password updates and enable two-factor authentication wherever possible for all employees and contractors who have access to your website admin interface, control panel, FTP, corporate emails and so on. 

If you work with third-party services for assistance with the workload, don’t forget to create separate accounts for them that can be later deleted with limited access. Only provide admin access where it’s strictly necessary. Overall, it’s important to know that website security is a constant process. The more security layers you add to it, the harder it is to get compromised. 

Add Self-Service Content And Support

As website traffic continues to grow steadily and many businesses continue to move online, customer service expectations will rise as well. If you want to exceed the norm and provide excellent service for your website visitors, you need to give them an easy solution when they need help and support regarding your product. 

Create easy pathways for customers to find and seek out help, whether it’s a live chat or an easy-to-find form to reach out with questions. This is the smartest way to let your visitors engage and talk to your team when they need to. 

For small businesses, a knowledge base page may be a key website component to build. It can contain self-help articles, guides, video tutorials and even e-books about your product or service. The biggest advantage of having a knowledge base is that it helps customers find answers to solve their problems without asking for help and waiting for a reply. It also eliminates the need to have a dedicated customer service team to manage.

Mind Website Design And Accessibility 

Website design is essential. It tells your visitors and clients who you are, and many of them are visiting your website on different devices and resolutions. According to Google, as cited by HubSpot, “59{1936381d4253f19a98bc2ecae94a0b0438ab0e234f1c555690d854373a3c9a42} of shoppers surveyed say that being able to shop on mobile is important when deciding which brand or retailer to buy from.” Having a nonresponsive design will certainly turn customers away, so make sure you work on your site’s mobile version.

More web traffic may also mean a consumer is spending less time on a single website, so it’s important to have concise, straight-to-the-point content that is both clear and direct.

With website audiences continuing to grow, so will the expectation and need for accessibility. There are thousands of people with different disabilities browsing the web every day. Show them that they’re welcome by optimizing your site for accessibility. Some of the must-have features are high-contrast themes, screen-reader support and keyboard navigation handling, but there are many more you can add to make your website more accessible. 

This year will continue to bring more focus online, so don’t postpone making improvements to your website. Start with the three essential aspects I’ve described because they will ensure your business page is responsive, accessible to all visitors, informational, helpful and, last but least, secure. 

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