Tips To Optimize Your Images For SEO

Image optimization is essential while optimizing any blog or website. When you start creating content for tech blogs and submit articles to social sites, your main goal will always be to attract traffic. The best way to attract traffic is Google Image Search.

Unlike several tactics used to climb to the particular rank of SERPs (search engine results pages), Google Image Search is a much better technique. If images are correctly optimized, they can attract a large amount of traffic to your online site. Image optimization is very advantageous, but the most underused when it comes to optimizing websites to increase ranking and traffic. To rank your website on top, you need to do two things.

First, you need to optimize the images, and second, you need to specify the page elements to promote the ranking of those optimized images in searches. You also need to optimize the image size so that they load faster and increase the web page loading speed.

Images should also be classified along with other content on your websites. If they are not optimized by themselves, they will have no value in Google Images results

Images not only make your website visually appealing but additionally help you get more daily traffic from search engines. Google Images Search has billions of images available from websites that already have been indexed.

How to Optimize Your Images for SEO?

There are numerous SEO tools, and more are being developed to boost and improve SEO. Reverse Image Search is also one of those tools that have been designed to add value to SEO. Search engine technology permits image files to be part of an input query to obtain relevant results related to the images.

Image search should be your priority if you want to get data about an image instead of keywords or any content. Instead of entering keywords, you will be prompted to do a search called “Reverse Image Search.”

The reverse image search tool can improve your search to make sure you get the best results of every effort you make, especially on images you intend to use. Following are some benefits you can enjoy with image search:

  1. It helps in Link Tracking. If you are using a Google image, then you should pay credit to the owner of that particular image. This tool provides a complete and authentic path to the owner so you can credit him/her appropriately.
  2. If someone is using your images and information on a fake social media account or you may have a doubt that you are a victim of catfishing, then you can get it by Reverse image search. It helps and saves your reputation.
  3. Reverse image search helps to find various versions of a particular image. With the Image finder tool, you may get more versions belonging to the specific image if one is not up to the mark, whether it refers to a different format, size, or quality.
  4. To detect whether your work is being copied, you can use a search by image tool. You can use the Image search tool to find out if somebody is copying your work without giving credits. The image search tool can trace it instantly if anyone else is getting benefits from your work.
  5. Search by image assists in gaining information regarding any celebrity or show. Reverse image search will display all possible search results on your screen. It’s an exciting way to discover your favourite celebrity’s birthday, name, or hometown, etc.


A reverse image search tool provides the following benefits to its users.

  •       User friendly
  •       Ensure plagiarism-free content
  •       You don’t have to enter keywords
  •       Find better resolution images
  •       Find high-quality HD images

3 Top Image Search Tools Available Online

1.        Reverse image search by Duplichecker

Duplichecker Reverse image search is one of the best image search tools. To give input, you can choose any method from the following:

  • By pasting a screenshot
  • By entering an image URL
  • By adding an image from your computer storage
  • By dragging and dropping the image in the specified field

Duplichecker’s image search tool is not only feasible for the desktop but also for all other devices such as Android, for iOS, and for Mac. Results are provided by different search engines like Google, Yandex, and Bing.


SmallSeoTools is also one of the best reverse image tools online. It supports many file formats like png, jpg, or gif to find related images. The image search tool by SmallSEOTools allows users to upload an image, enter the image URL, or have a search by just entering the keyword of a related image. The most beneficial feature of the tool is that users can do unlimited searches in a day without paying a single penny.


Image search by SearchEngineReports is also considered one of the best image finder tools. You can search by image as in other tools mentioned above and get similar images within seconds. Just open up the site and make unlimited searches free of cost.

Published June 4th, 2021

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