March 30, 2023


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Trends That Will Shake Up The SEO World

Nicolas Bouchand posted on Twitter that he is working on his thesis and selected SEO as the subject. He asked on Twitter “What do you think are the trends that will shake up the sector and that will absolutely have to be mastered?” John Mueller of Google retweeted it and I thought the responses were interesting.

I am going to post the tweets here so you can read some of them, but feel free to click through to scroll through all of them.

Here is the retweet, you would need to click on the original tweet to see the responses there and John’s retweet to see those responses.

Here are some of the responses that caught my eye:

There is just too much to embed here but you get the point. I would click through both threads to see what the community thinks. It would be fun to look back at this post in ten years and see what ended up shaking things up, if anything.

Forum discussion at Twitter.