TROY students win ADDY Awards

Troy University students won 16 awards at the American Advertising Federation (ADDY) student competition this year.

TROY is affiliated with the ADDY chapters in Dothan and Montgomery.

In December 2020, TROY’s graphic design professors reviewed the best of student work from the previous year.

The department’s professors entered the students in both competitions to give them the recognition they deserve.

“We take the best of the best student work over the course of a year,” Christopher Stagl, an Associate Professor of Graphic Design and the Assistant Chair of Art and Design, said. “We put half of it in the American Advertising Federation in Montgomery, and we put the other half of the work in the competition out of Dothan.”

The majority of submitted works were projects students created in TROY’s classrooms.

“Students can submit any work that they want, but the majority of work submitted is a class project,” Stagl said. “The work that we put into the competition really did represent the very best of the TROY graphic design program.”

TROY students competed against students from Auburn University at Montgomery, Alabama State University and Columbus State University in Georgia.

Stagl was proud of the students because he knows how the competition can help them in their careers.

“We are all very happy with the results of this year’s competition,” Stagl concluded. “We’re extremely proud of our students and we understand the importance of having our students in the competitions and how they really lay the framework for their transition into the industry, which is so competitive.”

The winners are listed as follows:


1. “1984”, Book Cover Design – Hannah Keiser


1. “Positive Shift”, Magazine Design – Hunter Irby

2. “Design & Build”, Typography Mural, Dang Long

3. “Fortified Project” – Website Design – Megan Colquitt

4. “Fortified Project” – Illustration Campaign – Megan Colquitt


1. “Create”, Idea Bank Typography Mural – Olivia Kattos

MOSAIC AWARD (best exemplifies diversity, equity, and inclusion)

1. Positive Shift Magazine – Hunter Irby



1. “MGK”, Website Design – Mary-Gates Kennedy

2. “Immunity: Protecting the Autoimmune”, Design Campaign – Jacob Boyce

3. “Vote”, Poster Design – Collen Layton


1. “Spray Create”, Typography Mural – Carly Boyd

2. “Madeon: The Prince”, Kinetic Type – John Suyak


1. “Immunity: Protecting the Autoimmune”, Design Campaign – Jacob Boyce

2. “Madeon: The Prince”, Kinetic Type – John Suyak

3. “Vote”, Poster Design – Collen Layton


1. “MGK”, Website Design – Mary-Gates Kennedy

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