March 27, 2023


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Turtlehut Coins New, Innovative Marketing Strategy

Turtlehut Invents Turnover Marketing as Beneficial Strategy For Business Growth

Brighton, MI— March 25, 2021 Turtlehut announces Turnover Marketing™ as an effective marketing strategy. The internet marketing company developed this new innovative strategy to help businesses continue to thrive when turnover inevitably occurs.

Every business experiences employee, customer, and competition turnover, which is why Turtlehut wanted to create a strategy to help businesses turn the inevitable into a strategic advantage. The marketing experts utilize their newly devised strategy to find and connect businesses with the right customers who are actively searching to make a purchase. This effective strategy not only unlocks massive opportunities for businesses but sets them up for continual and optimal growth.

“This strategy presents a huge opportunity for businesses to not only grow their accounts but grow their influence within an industry as well,” said Mike Langford, Director of Marketing Strategy at Turtlehut Internet Marketing. Businesses who utilize Turtlehut for their internet marketing needs now have open access to the benefits of Turnover Marketing™.

About Turtlehut Internet Marketing: Turtlehut is an internet marketing company based in Brighton, Michigan. Since its establishment in 1999, Turtlehut has developed significantly. From Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Web Design and Development, e-Commerce Solutions, and everything in between, Turtlehut helps businesses and franchises across the nation thrive. For more information about Turtlehut or Turnover Marketing™, visit