December 11, 2023


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Twisty Laptops, Bendy Phones: Microsoft Bets Big on Design

BS: No.

MC: Probably 95, about a hundred percent of people would say no, right?

BS: Probably not.

LG: Yeah, yeah. We’re so used to tasks switching and app switching at this point-

MC: Yeah.

LG: On our current, somewhat limited, mobile devices. Limited in terms of real estates, that it’s not that hard to do.

MC: So, I would argue that the problem that Microsoft is looking to solve, is something that our brains have already solved for us.

LG: Hmm. That’s interesting.

MC: And we shouldn’t have to pay $1,500 for it.

LG: Yeah. I mean, I guess I’m definitely intrigued by the Duo 2 and I hope that I get a loaner unit to review. Julian reviewed the last one for us. I think he gave it a four out of 10. So, we’ll see. We’ll see what we think of this one. But, just to pile on here, when I look at something like the Samsung Galaxy, so the Z Flip 3 folds, blah, blah. The one that folds closed, like an old fashioned little flip phone. And I think about outdoor activities, going for a jog, going for a hike, anything that involves the phone actually being on your person. And you’re not just holding in your hands, doing work. Something like the Duo 2 is still really not appealing. Something like the Z Flip Fold I think, is the way to go.

And so, yeah, we’re seeing innovation happen in these weird areas, coming from different directions. I still believe in some ways, foldables might end up being the 3D TV of this decade. We’ll see if that turns out to be true. If I’m wrong, I will admit that I’m wrong, but you got to appreciate the experimentation, I think too.

MC: Lauren, I look forward to reading your piece about how foldables are the new 3D TVs.

LG: You can go to and enjoy that right now.

MC: Oh, right. You already wrote it.

LG: Yes.

MC: Nice.

LG: And if I don’t respond to your slacks, while I’m writing about the Duo 2, it’s because I literally can’t find the Slack App on the screens.

MC: Let’s take a break. And when we come back, we’ll do our recommendations.

MC: Brenda, you are our guest. You get to go first. What’s your recommendation?

BS: OK, so it is a show. It’s a Peacock original. So, you’ll have to have Peacock, subscribe to that. And-

LG: Are you giving out your username and password on this program?

BS: Honestly, sure. If anybody wants it, I don’t really use it that often. This is literally a once in a lifetime type thing. No offense to Peacock, but I don’t know. This was a recommendation from a friend. So, it’s a recommendation in a recommendation. So, it’s called Dr. Death and it is based on a true story. And there’s also a documentary, but this show is a little, I guess, they emphasized and fictionalized a lot. But, it is about a doctor who botches a lot of spinal tap surgeries. And basically, people end up paralyzed, people end up dying, but he just keeps jumping around from hospital to hospital. So, it’s essentially, the journey of getting him to stop and to lose his license and to put him in prison. I mean, all this is already known, because there’s a documentary, but very intense, a little bloody. So, if you guys don’t like watching surgeries and stuff, which I don’t, but I am making an exception. It can get a little intense, but very good. I’m not done yet. I’m almost there, but yeah, highly recommend. It’s a very thrilling show.