November 28, 2023


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Website design trends in 2021

The past year has been a busy one for the whole world. First was the pandemic, then a lot of other events, which in this or that way touched the social life of people all over the World. Many do not even think about what changes in the field of web design these events entail. This article will be useful for designers who want to keep their finger on the pulse and be the first to know the trends of rapidly changing web design.

We have to admit that several trends that took shape in 2020 are still gaining momentum. Inclusive design and total immersion is what web design will be focusing on in the coming years. Below you can check out five design trends that will explode the internet this year.

A modern website design is an integral part of any business. A commercial site provides coverage of thousands of potential customers, increases the image and credibility of the company. This platform also plays an informative role, maintains relationships with customers and serves as a showcase for the company.

Every entrepreneur wants his site to be unique, carry something original and be remembered by users. Trends in web design change from year to year, so it’s worth tracking them and using them when developing new websites for business. Take a look at what web design will bring us in 2021.

What are the trends 2021

At the outset, it should be noted that current web design trends are not strict rules. You can follow these guidelines, but you don’t have to.

Remember, a good business site is about making a positive user experience, not an inconvenience. If you think a certain graphical or functional detail is irrelevant, test and make an informed decision. However, web design 2021 will bring us:

Parallax effect

This is the effect that gives the impression of depth and space when viewing a web page. Elements that appear closer move slower when scrolling than those that are optically farther away.


In the past, smooth transitions between colors were associated with unsightly amateur design. Today, gradient is popular again and is increasingly being used by web developers when creating commercial websites.


This effect assumes that the selected page elements are translucent and appear frosted. They are usually placed against a background with a gradient. The site created in this way gives the impression of both depth and lightness.

SVG graphics

Sites are now displayed on devices with a wide variety of screen resolutions, from small smartphones to televisions several tens of inches in size. It also affects the choice of graphics solutions and the appearance of sites.

Vector graphics are becoming more and more popular, especially implemented in the .SVG format. Thanks to this format, images do not lose their quality regardless of the size of the screens on which they are displayed.

Muted colors

Every year we spend more and more time in front of the screens. Our eyes have little chance of rest, especially during quarantine and self-isolation. It’s no coincidence that web designers are increasingly focusing on muted colors. Thanks to them, vision does not get tired so quickly. Plus, pages that aren’t cluttered with vibrant colors allow users to stay focused for extended periods of time.

Dark mode

This trend has been noticeable already in previous years. There is no indication that the page’s dark background will fizzle out in 2021. Using black as the dominant color adds elegance and functionality to the design, so the user’s eyes are less tired while viewing.

Social engagement

This is not a trend directly related to web design, but social engagement has a big impact on web design as well. 2020 has proved to be a time not only for tackling the pandemic, but also for protests around the world. Designers who create socially important projects have played an important role here.

Interactive scrolling

Another trend increasing website dynamics. When interactively scrolling, individual elements of the site appear, disappear, or change position or size. As a result, the user gets the impression of interactivity.

Serif fonts

Until recently it was not popular. This was due to the low resolution of the screens on which they were displayed.

Nowadays, the resolution of the screens of computers and even mobile devices allows the use of laconic stylish serif fonts. But you should remember about moderation. These types of fonts are used primarily in page titles, adding classic elegance to web designs.Serif fonts are gaining popularity in web design.

Back to 90s style

In difficult times, there is a longing for an idealized past. Similar trends can be seen in the field of web design. Today, designs inspired by the aesthetics of the 1990s are becoming more and more popular around the world.

The ’90s style is characterized by simple shapes and color palettes using vibrant, comical colors and black frames associated with the dawn of the internet.

Shifts and asymmetries in web design 2021

Until recently, commercial sites were typically simple and symmetrical. However, today this trend is considered more and more monotonous and less interesting. This is why 2021 website designs are dominated by asymmetries and graphical shifts that will give the website a completely different fresh look.

Carousel application

This is one of the existing trends in website development. Photos, product categories, customer reviews and articles can be viewed using the carousel.


To sum up

Summarizing all the information, it should be stated that the elements of web design 2021 listed above are largely related to the concept of mobile first. Thus, websites on the desktop should use the same elements as on the mobile. If we consider the first month of 2021 indicative, we can conclude that many interesting events await us. Specialists would count how much does a professional website cost. Of course, without a magic ball, it’s hard to guess which web design trend will be the most popular. But user-centered design is guaranteed. These qualities are integral to any good web design and are reflected in each of the above trends.