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What To Look For In A Website Designer Bay Area? | Latin Post

It’s 2021. The world is changing and is only getting more modern. Technology is at the forefront of businesses even if the company doesn’t have anything to do with technology. If you are a business entity, you can do nothing but follow the dictate of the present-day digitalization. It means you can only compete when you have a website to showcase your offers online.

Further today, there is just no way to make a business successful without the help of technology. It could be done before, but not in this digital age. Nowadays, you can only succeed if people can find you on the Internet. Google, for example, has been used by people to look for commodities and goods. Even services are now marketed on the web. So, you have to live your business life with the help of present technological tools and platforms.

Did you notice that people are on their phone almost all the time? There are just so many things to do on a smartphone. One such thing is shopping. Clearly, if you have a business, you should always have a website and a web app to allow customers to shop wherever they are in the world. 

Consequently, you need the help of a Website Designer Bay Area to create an efficient bis site and web app for you. Doing this can lead you to enjoy more opportunities. Your chance to win the competition is strong.

What is a Website Designer Bay Area?

The Bay Area is one of the most famous tech hubs in the world. It follows that tech specialists are aplenty in the area. 

As such, you will also find the best of the best in the Bay Area. However, among the best are also the not-so good website designers. 

Before you hire a website designer, you should meet with a number of them. Don’t decide right away. You need to check out their previous designs to weed out the top designers. 

Make sure that you don’t just find the best website designer in the area, but the best one for the type of website you need. 

After that, you need to meet your short-listed designers. Ask them important questions about web design and relate them to your business. 

The meeting will provide an important avenue for you to finally decide on whom to hire for your website. 

Here are the important things to raise during the meeting:

What is your design style?

We mentioned that the first thing you will do is to actually check the designer’s previous designs. The purpose of that is so you can see the style that you would want to be employed on your website. 

However, during the meeting, it’s still important that you raise that with the website designer. It’s always better when you hear the explanation of the person’s web design style

You also want to make sure that the designer can customize their style according to what you want. This will show their flexibility when it comes to design. 

It’s not just that you want their design style to match the style you have in mind. There are also specific design approaches you should be looking for. You want a website that is simple to understand and neat to look at. 

That’s also very important as the business grows. You might have to change with the times or expand, and that would involve transforming the website.

Do you have experience in responsive design?

Smartphones are just very convenient. You can do almost everything on it-communicate with people, play games, get updated with friends and kin, write an email, watch movies, listen to music, and even do actual work. 

As mentioned, people are on their phones a lot. And they would access the internet through their mobile phones rather than having to open a laptop or rush home to their desktops. 

It’s actually a pretty amazing device. 

With that in mind, you need your website to have a responsive design. To put it simply, this means that your website will look good no matter what screen a person will be using to access your site. 

The pages on the desktop will not look the same as the pages on the smartphone. That’s okay! The important thing is that people will see the images clearly and the texts are readable.

If a person is accessing your site on a mobile phone, the pages should not look like they have been cut to the sides. They should look as neat and as satisfactory as they would be on a desktop. 

That would be a good discussion with your potential web developer. 

Do they have a marketing perspective?

Yes, this is about web design. However, since this is a different world, a website design should also be forward thinking. 

A good website designer will not just think about the aesthetics of the website. They will also have a say on the marketing aspect. 

Marketing and branding have to be ingrained in the website creation. You have to maximize the use of the website. 

This is also an important question because it allows the designer to share an insight that is not about them. 

It doesn’t matter if the designer’s marketing perspective doesn’t align with yours. The more important thing is that you can have a compromise and create a marketing-based website that will not just allow loyal customers to buy products but will also entice new customers to the business. 

In most interviews, the interviewee has to make themself better than they actually are to be hired. But for this question, the interviewee has to provide an answer that would make your business look good instead. 

What is their input on images?

In order for your website to be attractive, it has to contain photos. Sometimes, videos are not even necessary on the first page. Photos, though, are important draws. 

This is an interview for a web designer slot. You should bring a laptop or at least a tablet for the interview. Allow the designer to show you how or where they would get stock photos for your website.

You need to ask the designer what they use for the photos. If they could provide you with examples on the sly, then that would be fantastic. 

On the other hand, this is exactly why businesses just go straight to hiring a web design agency. The advantage is that a firm already has all the necessary personnel to create a full-service website. 

The agency not only has a web developer and designer, it also has its own photographer to capture the business’s products or services. The agency also has a marketing and branding team to make sure that marketing principles are integrated in the website. 

But that’s already digressing. Know that photos are crucial in attracting people to the website. Know where or how the designer gathers photos for your site. 

Hiring a partner is essential

Don’t treat the website designer as an underling. They should be a partner in making the business a success through the website. 

There are a lot of website designers in the Bay Area-many of them are good, too. Sometimes, it’s not about getting the best one on the field, although that’s also great. Oftentimes, it’s just about finding the right person for the job at hand. 

That job, of course, is to create a smashing website for your company where people can get to know your brand. More importantly, it’s a place where people can also buy your products or services. 

You need to get the hiring of a website designer right. 

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