The Gist Sustainable shift. Embracing sustainable website design is crucial to reduce environmental impact and web bloat. Culture change. The tech industry’s culture of waste must evolve to prioritize environmental sustainability. Inclusive thinking. Designing for accessibility and performance can lead to more sustainable and effective web solutions. Web design has […]

In today’s world, where websites serve as the new storefronts, understanding the art and science of web design has never been more important. Web design is more than just colors and fonts. It’s about blending aesthetics, functionality and user experience (UX) to create attractive, informative and engaging websites. Whether you’re […]

New Delhi (India), January 05: Alakmalak Technologies:- Are you looking for the top web development company in India? Then you are at the right place. They are on a mission to help small and medium-sized businesses establish an online presence by creating websites, web applications, and mobile applications that drive […]

01/04/2023, Chicago, IL // PRODIGY: Feature Story // Today, there are billions of websites, and most people imagine that all the good names are taken. However, contrary to popular belief and according to a leading website design agency, Website Design Chicago, many great names are yet to be coined. All […]

A new year is typically a time for new ideas, approaches, or ways to make life a little better or more enjoyable. For web designers and users, improved ways to design websites is always high on the list. In the following post we’ll be addressing 5 new web design trends […]