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    Bedrock names first chief technology officer to woo tenants downtown

    In an effort to draw more tenants from the suburbs to downtown Detroit, Bedrock has named its first chief technology officer charged with making its buildings more tech focused. Michael Osment starts in his role effective immediately, the firm announced this week. A University of Michigan alum with bachelor’s and MBA degrees, Osment will lead Bedrock’s technology team in Detroit and Cleveland, where its portfolio includes more than 18 million square feet of office, retail and residential space. His role will include overseeing building services, data management and information technology. Among the goals are to reduce energy usage and improve  

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    Amer sells Suunto to Chinese tech company

    VANTAA, Finland (BRAIN) — Amer Sports has sold the Finnish adventure wearables brand Suunto to Liesheng, a Chinese technology brand. Amer is the parent of Enve Composites, Louisville Slugger, Arcteryx, Wilson and other brands, and the former owner of Mavic. Amer has been owned by the Chinese sports brand ANTA since 2018.  According to Suunto, the transaction has been signed and it’s expected to close in the first half of 2022. Founded in Guangdong, China in 2015, Liesheng products are sold in more than 100 countries around the world. One of its consumer electronics brands is Haylou, which sells  

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    CES 2022: 5 takeaways from the giant tech trade show

    Sure, some things were familiar: companies showed off the latest batch of flashy TVs. The onslaught of oddball gadgets got odder. And there was no shortage of next-level health trackers, including a lightbulb that tracks how you sleep. “It was surreal,” said Martin DeBono, president of GAF Energy, who decided to follow through with attending in person to show off his company’s new solar roof shingle. “This was probably my eleventh year going to CES and the lack of crowds was bizarre.” Still, there was plenty of talk about the products on display this year. Here are 5 takeaways from  

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    As Beijing Takes Control, Chinese Tech Companies Lose Jobs and Hope

    The video platform that laid off Mr. Zhao, iQiyi, had an abysmal quarter, losing about $268 million. Its share prices fell by 85 percent from its high in 2021, reflecting investors’ concerns that the company, once aspiring to be China’s Netflix, will be short of shows that can attract more subscribers and advertisers. “The biggest problem for our industry is severe shortage of content supply,” iQiyi’s chief executive, Gong Yu, told analysts in November. He blamed, in part, censors’ slow approval. IQiyi did not respond to requests for comment. (Mr. Zhao confirmed the details in his social media account, but  

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    China pursues tech ‘self-reliance,’ fueling global unease

    BEIJING (AP) — To help make China a self-reliant “technology superpower,” the ruling Communist Party is pushing the world’s biggest e-commerce company to take on the tricky, expensive business of designing its own processor chips — a business unlike anything Alibaba Group has done before. Its 3-year-old chip unit, T-Head, unveiled its third processor in October, the Yitian 710 for Alibaba’s cloud computing business. Alibaba says for now, it has no plans to sell the chip to outsiders. Other rookie chip developers including Tencent, a games and social media giant, and smartphone brand Xiaomi are pledging billions of dollars in  

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    The biggest tech fails of 2021

    There were times this year when technology misfired or failed to work entirely — from giant internet outages and crippling ransomware attacks to a series of issues for Meta, the company formerly known as Facebook. (So many, in fact, it’s the one company we list twice here.) Here is CNN Business’ list of some of the most noteworthy tech-tastrophes of 2021: In April, cybersecurity experts said the personal information of half a billion Facebook users, including phone numbers, birthdays and email addresses, had been posted to a website used by hackers. Facebook said at the time that the same data  

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